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In the gemstone industry, Howlite is popular as an affordable alternative of the Turquoise gemstone. Due to abundance in nature, Howlite gemstone price remains substantially low despite its natural beauty and allure. Traders generally check the color, clarity, shape and size of the Howlite stone while doing its final valuation.

Note – Currently, Howlite stone price in India ranges between Rs 100 per carat ($2 approx.) to Rs 1000 per carat ($15 approx.) and plus. Howlite prices in other countries may vary because of the difference in supply and demand equation.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. – Howlite price per Ratti). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

  • Color

    – These days, one can find Howlite in different shades including Blue Howlite, Green Howlite, Purple Howlite, Red Howlite, Black Howlite, Yellow Howlite, Orange Howlite and Pink Howlite. These are all dyed Howlite stones which are considered more stable than the natural, untreated ones. In the market, the cost of these colourful blue, green and red Howlite is usually higher than the natural White Howlite cost.

  • Clarity

    – Clarity in Howlite is often assessed by the surface texture and clarity. The smoother and cleaner the surface, higher is the Howlite value. Prices of Howlite drop for gems with visible surface scratches and abrasion. Being highly sought after, Howlite with unique vein pattern often draws more attention and value in the market.

  • Shape

    – A well-polished Howlite cabochon in symmetrical round, oval or pear shape is often more valuable than the gems in unsymmetrical or mixed shape. This is because gemstone in good proportion and symmetry are usually more attractive and gets easily customised in jewellery.

  • Carat weight

    – Raw Howlite in large size is comfortably available in nature. For this reason, one may not find an exponential increase in the price of Howlite with respect to the carat weight.
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