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Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon Value

Depending on the quality and size, Blue Zircon price varies. The cost of Blue Zircon stone is also determined by its origin. It is important to note that a Blue Zircon stone price changes most significantly with the color intensity and size.

Blue Zircon price in India usually ranges between ₹1,500 per carat ($25 approx.) to ₹2,500 per carat ($40 approx.) but can also go higher with superior quality stones. Blue Zircon stone price in Pakistan, Dubai or USA may vary due to the difference in supply/demand cycle.

  • Origin

    – Due to its excellent color and clarity, Sri Lankan or Ceylon Blue Zircon and Cambodian Blue Zircon value remain higher than other origins. Especially the Ratanakiri Blue Zircon (named after a mine in Cambodia) usually draws a big amount because of its excellent blue hue and diamond-like luster.

  • Color

    – Zircons in pure, vivid blue are rare to find, hence, are quite valuable. Blue Zircons that are too pale or possess greenish/yellowish/brownish or greyish secondary colors are often available at slightly cheaper rates. Generally, the more intense and evenly distributed is the blue color, higher is the Blue Zircon rate.

  • Round Blue Zircon Charm Pendant
    Round Blue Zircon Charm Pendant

  • Clarity

    – Highly transparent, flawless Blue Zircon gemstones are always in demand for astrological as well as jewelry purposes. They often draw a good premium. In contrast, eye visible inclusions create a considerable drop in the price of Blue Zircon stone.

  • Cut

    – Highly customisable cuts like the square, rectangular, octagonal and trillion cut etc involve more loss of weight and need extra care and attention. Therefore, Blue Zircon in fancy cuts are more expensive than the stones in traditional round and oval cut. The cutting style often impacts the luster. Blue Zircon per ratti price increases for stones with brilliant shine.

  • Antique Blue Zircon Drop-shape Pendant Antique Blue Zircon Drop-shape Pendant
     Vintage Blue Zircon ring Vintage Blue Zircon ring

  • Carat Weight

    – Blue Zircon in small size are common. But, finding a fine quality Blue Zircon rough in bigger size is slightly difficult. This is the reason why Blue Zircon price per carat may increase disproportionately for stones above few carats.

  • Treatment

    – Raw Blue Zircon is not abundant in nature. Hence, brown zircons are often turned into dark blue by applying heat treatment. It is quite common practice and thus doesn’t creates a big difference in Blue Zircon gemstone price. Some lab created, or synthetic Blue Zircon are also present in the market. These stimulated Blue Zircon are artificially grown in labs and are quite cheaper.

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Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

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