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Ametrine is a natural bi-color quartz gemstone that contains purple (regarded as ametrine portion) and orange (regarded as citrine portion) color bands. This unique color variety of quartz is found in very limited quality from the mines of Bolivia, Southern Brazil, Uruguay and India. The Anahi mine of Bolivian located in Santa Cruz is the one and only deposit that supplies finest quality loose ametrines world-wide. The bi-color gemstone - Ametrine holds a great significance in vedic astrology as well as western astrology. This gemstone is often recommended as the astrological substitute of powerful gemstone Pitambari Neelam. It is also the birthstone of Pisces and Sagittarius sun sign as per western astrology. Ametrine is the national gemstone of Bolivia, and hence got another name – ‘Bolivianite’. In gem healing therapies, this gemstone is considered highly useful for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and chronic ailments. Ametrine hardness measures 7 on Mohs scale which makes it scratch resistant enough to be worn as a jewelry stone. Being a responsible seller, GemPundit always recommends its customers to get a FREE GEM RECOMMENDATION before buying a gemstone to check the compatibility with the horoscope.
The finest quality ametrines are majorly sourced from the Anahi mine of Bolivia located in Santa Cruz. The ametrines from the Anahi mines display deep rich purple and orange hue with optimum clarity, which is quite difficult to find in stones from other origins. The stones resourced from Anahi mines are famously called Anahi ametrines. At GemPundit, one can find a decent catalogue of ametrine gemstones from Bolivia for sale at affordable prices.
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Ametrine is a valuable gem and it is important buy it only from a trusted source. Whether you consider a local dealer or an online store for your purchase, it is always advisable to ask for a Lab Certificate issued by an authentic gem laboratory to ensure the quality.

Ametrine stones are quite popular in the jewellery segment as well. But due to their limited availability, ametrines are usually produced artificially by irradiating the quartz mineral at differential temperatures. These synthetic or lab-created ametrine loose gemstones are available at cheap prices but are not considered good for astrological purposes.

At GemPundit, we provide only high quality, genuine, and natural Ametrine online for sale matching all our customers’ needs. We value the trust of our customers and therefore provide a FREE Lab Certificate to authenticate the quality of the stones and provide a delightful shopping experience. You may have a look at our collection of ametrine stones and reach out to our customer support for any guidance.


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