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Amethyst Quality

The quality of Amethyst is defined primarily by its color. Yet, before-hand knowledge of other factors can help our customers select the most competent option and buy the best quality Amethyst gemstone online as per their preference.

  • Origin

    – Amethyst mines have been discovered in Russia, Zambia, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico and Sri Lanka. However, rich purple color associated with African amethyst makes it exceptionally popular. Zambian and Brazilian amethyst are other famous amethyst origins because of decently saturated raspberry purple color.

  • Color

    – Amethyst color may range from light pink-violet to deep purple. Finest quality amethyst displays vividly saturated purple color (with or without red tints) and lacks color zoning completely. The gemstone should neither be too light that it waters down the color or too dark that it looks black in poor lighting. Also, one should carefully look for brown tints and color zones as they can lower the quality and overall worth of amethyst, marginally.

  • Clarity

    – Amethyst is graded as Type - 2 gemstone on clarity standards, implying it is naturally cleaner than other precious gemstones. However, whenever present, inclusions in Amethyst exist in and as needles or L- shaped bands. A transparent amethyst without visible inclusions radiates light and color better than the translucent stones. As a rule, lesser the inclusions, better is the quality of amethyst. Since it is comfortably available in nature and quite affordable, it is not worthy to compromise on the clarity aspect when buying amethyst online or from dealers.


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