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Amber Stone Price

In gemstone industry, what appears more beautiful and unique, grabs a higher value. Same applies to the pricing of an Amber gemstone. The prices of Amber increase for gems that are more attractive and unique. According to the gem experts, the presence of unique objects such as pre-historic insects and twigs adds an element of interest and thereby enhances the value of Amber stones, substantially. Origin, color, clarity, shape and size are the other factors that are considered while deciding Amber gemstone price.

Note – Amber stone price in India starts from Rs 150 per carat ($3 approx.) and can reach up to Rs 2500 per carat ($ 40 approx.) depending upon the quality and uniqueness of the pieces. The prices in other countries such as USA, UAE and UK may vary because of the difference in demand and supply equation.

Buyer Beware : Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. – Amber stone price per ratti). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!
  • Origin

    – Since, most of the gemological laboratory do not certify Amber gemstones at origin level. Therefore, the physical appearance of Amber stone primarily accessed to determine the origin by trade experts. As per the traders, Baltic amber price remains the highest due to its warm color tones and historical significance. Burma amber, Dominican Amber and Indonesian Amber are also valued for their quality and rarity.

  • Color

    – Most Amber available in the market are yellow to orange or honey brown in color. As per the trade rule, Amber value increases for gems in deep yellow color tones. Natural cherry red, blue and green amber are exceedingly rare and often sold a high premium.
  • Clarity

    – Highly transparent amber with distinctly visible insect is highly sought after by the jewellery enthusiast and gem collectors. Therefore, Amber stone value remains highest for such rare and super fine pieces. The presence of cloudy clarity and numerous minute bubbles often reduce the Amber gem price in the market.

  • Shape

    – Free-form amber pieces are readily available and quite affordable. In contrast, the perfect oval and round amber stones are less common and enjoy heavy demand in the market. Therefore, amber gemstone value shifts towards north for pieces in good proportion and definite shape.
  • Size
  • – Due to its organic origin, large amber pieces are rarely found in nature. Therefore, natural amber stone cost increases considerably for bigger size pieces with visible insect inclusions. Smaller pieces can usually be bought at a lesser price.
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