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Yellow Topaz Stone Properties

Published on Nov 16, 2013

Gemstone Yellow Topaz
Other Names Topazus (Latin), Topace (French), Tapas (Sanskrit), Tapooz (Hebrew)
Ruling Heavenly Body Sun
Moh's Scale Hardness 8
Specific Gravity 3.49-3.57
Category Silicate Mineral
Lustre Vitreous
Streak White
Metal to Wear in Gold
Hues Greenish Yellow, Bright Yellow, Pale Yellow and Brownish Yellow
Origin Japan, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Pakistan, Tasmania, United States of America, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nigeria, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, and Brazil.

With the enchanting powers of the heavenly body Sun, Mother Nature has bestowed us with an alluring and transcendental gemstone. This gemstone is capable of healing and benefiting its wearer in various magical ways. In the Egyptian times, this stone was believed to carry the rays of the Sun and used by people to cure different conditions. This legendary gemstone was also used by ancient African tribes for healing purposes and several rituals. The name of this precious gemstone is Yellow Topaz. (Click Here to See : Yellow Topaz Astrological Benefits )

What are the properties of a Yellow Topaz ?

  • A Yellow Topaz stone is a silicate mineral of fluorine and aluminium, which is unearthed with pegmatite and granite deposits.
  • Basically Topaz is a silicic igneous rock from granite and rhyolite stones.
  • Topaz gets its name from the old French word “Topace” and the Latin word “Topazus”.
  • The excavation of this precious gemstone is done in the countries of Brazil, Pakistan, Tasmania, Australia, Nigeria, Russia, United States of America, Norway, Italy, Sri Lanka, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan and Brazil.
  • First Topaz is said to be mined in the Red Sea at a legendary island called Topazos as described by Pliny.
  • One of the biggest Topaz gemstones is the American Golden Topaz, weighing 22,892.5 carats.
  • Further, the name of this attractive gemstone also relates to the Sanskrit and the Hebrew words “Tapas” (meaning: Heat) and “Tapooz” (meaning: Orange), respectively.
  • On the Moh’s scale of hardness, a Yellow Topaz gives a rating of 8 out of 10 which is relatively 4/5th of a diamond.
  • In the past, many of the gemstones of yellow color like Citrine and Peridot were mistakenly taken as Yellow Topaz due to their similar appearance.
  • Still in the current age, these Peridot and Citrine are sold under the name of Yellow Topaz as Mystic Topaz and Smoky Topaz.
  • Yellow Topaz is found in an array of hues like pale yellow, greenish yellow, brownish yellow and bright yellow.

Uses of a Yellow Topaz

The sensuous beauty of a Yellow Topaz stone is of the kind which attracts and mesmerizes the onlookers in the very first glimpse of it. This attraction of this Yellow Topaz is cashed in the form of ornaments like talisman, rings, pendants, earrings and tiaras to add on to the beauty of the wearer and flaunt the charm of this entrancing gemstone. In addition to it, this precious gemstone is bestowed by the powers of the Sun and hence is known to provide benefits and curing to its wearer. One of the important uses of a Yellow Topaz is for the creation of topaz gemstones of different colors like blue, red and green by utilizing the property of topaz to change colors on the provision of heat in a controlled way.

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