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Substitutes of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Published on Sep 30, 2013

Gemstone Pukhraj
Other Names Push Raja, Peetmani, Yellow Sapphire
Substitutes Yellow Topaz and Citrine (Sunela)
Ruling Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Signs Ruled Sagittarius, Pisces
Day & Time to Wear Thursday Morning of Shukla Paksha
Metal to Wear in Gold (or alternatively, Panchdhatu)
Colors green, purple, corundum blue, yellow and orange
Origin India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, USA, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Detailed Description of Yellow Sapphire Substitute

While Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone much in demand, due to its beneficial properties and astrological use, its expensive price is one of the main reasons why people are unable to afford it and benefit from it. However, there are a few Yellow Sapphire Substitute gemstones that are far more affordable. The two main substitutes for Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone are Citrine and Yellow Topaz. Not only do they look similar, but their astrological properties are similar too. However, these gemstones will not give the same effects and benefits, the effect will be lesser as compared to a Yellow Sapphire Stone of Good Quality. However, for the price these gemstones are a good deal.

Citrine Stone :

Citrine is a kind of quartz, which is extracted from the earth in pale yellow to brown shade of colour. This stone derives its name from a Latin word 'Citrina' which has a meaning 'yellow'. The yellowish colour of Citrine is due to a hint of ferrous content. It is mainly extracted in Brazil's state Rio Grande do Sul and rest in Bolivia, Soviet Union and Africa.

Citrine is taken as a replacement for Yellow Sapphire for its similar Shine, Colour and Beneficial properties up to an extent. This gemstone is one of the three birthstones for the people who took birth in the month of November. Citrine is also called as 'Merchant's stone' and is believed to enhance the cash flow and sale. With the healing properties like cleansing and eliminating poisons in digestive and endocrine system, relieving depression, increases self esteem and provides joy and love to the wearer, this stone proves to be a substitute for Pukhraj stone.

Yellow Topaz :

Yellow Topaz is a magnificent gemstone, found within Pegmatite and Granite deposits in Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Nigeria, Australia, Tasmania, Brazil and Pakistan. This gemstone is composed of Aluminium Silicate with hydroxide and fluoride ions. Found colourless in its perfect state, this gemstone is available in a plethora of different hues or shades. Yellow Topaz is one of the rarest and beneficial as compared to other variants of this gemstone. The word Topaz is taken from a Latin word 'Topazus' and is related to a Sanskrit word 'Tapas' which means Fire or Heat.

The yellow Topaz is related to a Yellow Sapphire for its beneficial properties like mental and physical health, lustrous appearance and hardness to an extent. Out of its various beneficial applications, this stone comes with the healing properties to cure liver problems, chronic memory loss, insomnia, aggressiveness, and jaundice.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which one is a better Yellow Sapphire substitute, Yellow Topaz or Citrine stone?

Citrine is considered as a better substitute of Yellow Sapphire as compare to yellow Topaz. It is because Citrine is easily found in pure natural form and is rarely treated. Therefore, it is considered better for astrological purpose.

2. Should the weight of the Yellow Sapphire substitute be the same as the Yellow Sapphire recommended to me?

No, Substitute should be wear in large weight as compare to main gemstone. For example : If you need to wear yellow sapphire of 5 ratti, substitute should be wear of 7 ratti.

3. Can I replace the substitute stone in the future with a Yellow Sapphire?

Yes according to our policy you can replace your stone in future. You can see here for our policy :

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