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Types of Spinels

Published on Jun 20, 2020

Spinels are seen in various interesting shades and mirror some of the most precious gemstones like rubies and sapphires. These magnificent colorful gemstones are pocket-friendly alternatives to their precious counterpart. Colorless Spinel is the purest and most limited form as it lacks any mineral impurities while others derive their color from the impurities they bear.

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Let’s discuss one by one how these different color Spinels hold prominent properties.

Blue Spinel (Violet Spinel) – It is one of the most valuable and rare Spinels that is often mistaken for Sapphires. The impurity of Cobalt lends a beautiful blue hue to the crystal and thus it is also called the ‘Cobalt Blue Spinel’. It majorly comes from the mines of Sri Lanka and Burma and is often worn as a substitute for Blue Sapphire.

Pink Spinel – Often sold as Salmon Spinel, Pink Spinel gemstones are admired for their engaging pink hues ranging from violetish pink to soft pink and deep pink. Astrologically, it is regarded as the gemstone of compassion and is worn to balance the Heart Chakra.

Black Spinel – Spinel in black or greenish-black color gain its color from iron impurities. The top-quality Black Spinel gemstones are extremely glossy and compete to some finest quality Black diamonds. These are worn as a mighty healing gemstone to obtain the power of intuition and foresightedness.

Red Spinel – Also appreciated as ‘Spinel ruby gemstone’, is the deep red color variety and is considered the most valuable. It is quite rare and is worn as a replacement for a ruby in jewelry. It also holds deep spiritual meaning and is worn to gain endurance and balance in life.

Green Spinel – The original Green Spinel gemstone is normally found in olive green tones. It is essentially worn as a healing gemstone to overcome financial and professional stagnancy.

Purple Spinel – Another popular Chakra gemstone, Purple spinel gemstone can be seen in rich purple and violet shades. It is regarded as a calming gemstone that helps the wearer to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression. Lavender Spinel is slightly lighter in color and is regarded as a more affordable alternate.

Fancy Spinel – White Spinel, Brown Spinel, Yellow Spinel, Gray Spinel, Orange Spinel, and Color change Spinel are some fancy color varieties of Spinel which continue to delight the eyes of those looking for a unique and spectacular gemstone for jewelry.

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