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Turquoise Stone Properties

Published on Nov 28, 2013

Gemstone Blue Topaz
Other Names Firoza,Haritashm
Birthstone Pisces
Sagittarius Scorpio
Element Earth
Mohs’ Scale Hardness 5-7
Specific Gravity 2.6-2.9
Lustre Waxy to sub-vitreous
Category Phosphate Mineral
Metal to Wear in Silver, Copper
Colors Blue, Green, mix of Blue- Green
Streak Bluish White
Origin Iran, China, Egypt, North America, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Tibet, and France

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise Gemstone being the stone of protection and prosperity bestows its wearer with all the earthly pleasures and spiritual concord. This oldest gemstone known to the mankind was used by the Egyptians as a gem and was also encrusted on the death mask of Pharaohs. Almost every human civilization has been fascinated by the beauty and sanctity of this stone, be it the Aztecs, Chinese, Persians, and Indians. In fact, it got its name from French word ‘Pierre Turquin’ denoting a dark blue colored stone. This stone was believed to give abundance in everything and protect the wearer from any accident or violence detrimental to his life. It has been used as an amulet since those prehistoric times to bring good fortunes while there are many legends as well about Turquoise. While Turkish warriors used it on the saddle of horses to prevent falling from them, Indians used it on the bows to make their arrows always hit the target. (See : Turquoise Stone Benefits)

Properties of Turquoise:

  • Turquoise is the hydrated phosphate of Copper and Aluminium found in microcrystalline nodules.
  • It is the secondary gemstone or an upratna, which is highly recommended for the Sagittarius sign of Zodiac, i.e. for those born in
  • December; it is quite beneficial to wear Turquoise .
  • It has an opaque transparency but in lean sections, it can be semi transparent.
  • Its color is quite variable and it may change from white to sky blue and from green blue to yellowish green.
  • It has the crystal system of Triclinic and it has higher porosity.
  • With its hardness on Moh’s scale just under 6, it is easily fractural and its fracture is conchoidal
  • This purification stone is the birthstone for Sagittarius while it is equally good for Pisces and Scorpio as well.
  • Placing it on the throat chakra relieves one from the guilt and also inhibitions along with giving strength to effectively communicate one’s thoughts.
  • When placed on third eye chakra, it helps in better concentration. Turquoise has a unique property to change color. As per beliefs, its color varies if the wearer is in some danger of accident or even back stabbing. It has exceptional healing powers to enhance immunity and detoxify the body.

It should be prevented from hot water, chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaners which are quite harmful for this gemstone.

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