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Turquoise ( Firoza ) Stone Benefits

Published on Nov 28, 2013

Turquoise gained an unprecedented popularity because of the Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who wears a 50 carat Turquoise in a silver bracelet on his wrist. Though Salman Khan's fans wear a Turquoise gemstone as a fashion statement, Turquoise is known to have high astrological benefits too. It is a lucky stone for the planet 'Jupiter' and is one of the substitutes for ' Yellow Sapphire '

Salman Khan bracelet Salman Khan Bracelet

The colour of Turquoise may vary from bluish-white to sky blue and from greenish-blue to lemon green. It is not a very hard gemstone and is often quite brittle. Therefore, one is required to be careful while handling his/her turquoise jewelry. Apart from its serene colour and unmatched charm, it provides the wearer with a lot of astrological benefits as well.


  • When placed on the third eye chakra, it stimulates perception and increases focus in a person. When placed on the Throat chakra (pendant), it helps the wearer in overcoming inhibitions. It gives clarity, precision and expression to the inner thoughts of its wearer.
  • Turquoise is considered a pure stone. Hence, it saves the wearer from mishaps and violence while also reducing mental stress.
  • It is especially beneficial for those who work at high altitudes and are related to fields like Films, fashion, television, jewelry, accountancy, law, education and clothing. People working in the education and creative sector, like teachers, authors, scholars and students etc also benefit a lot.
  • One distinct quality that Turquoise is supposed to possess is that it changes its color and loses luster if the wearer is exposed to physical and mental threats, e.g. disloyalty.
  • It connects its wearer with spirituality and helps him/her in making charitable donations and productive expenditure. It fortifies one’s belief in Karmic destiny (good deeds bring good fortune).
  • A perfect gift for friends, the amulets made with Turquoise strengthen relationships and act as a protective shield for the wearer.
  • Turquoise has remarkable healing properties and ensure overall physical fitness. It enhances immunity and eliminates pollution inflicted diseases. Problems like asthma, excess alcoholism, depression, high blood pressure, migraines, viral infections, or the impact of toxins can be easily fought with Turquoise stone.
  • It is a perfect companion for those who travel a lot. It protects them from thefts, accidents, or any unwanted incidences.
  • Turquoise helps in maintaining stability and concord in married life by infusing deep understanding in partners.
  • It is an excellent remedy for mood swings, anxiety, and panic attacks. It also leads to tissue revival and body strengthening for a healthier body and soul.


Turquoise is the most ancient stone known to the human civilization. A stone worn and used by Pharaohs, Aztecs, and ancient warriors has many stories associated with it. Turquoise is known to have fascinated humans since 200 BC. Legends say that Turquoise was widely used to protect its wearers from falling off their horses while fighting battles. Indians too believed in the protective properties of this gemstone and used to embellish their bows with turquoise so that the arrows released from them always hit the targets.

This epitome of divine tranquility has a vibrant feel that helps in spreading happiness and prosperity in the life of its wearer. Its name comes from a French word 'Pierre Turquin' which means - a dark blue colored stone. Whether it is Good health or mental harmony and prosperity, this sub-stone (Up-ratna) gives it all in abundance to its wearers. (Click Here to See: Turquoise Stone Properties)

Gemstone Turquoise
Other Names Firoza, Haritashm, Peroj
Mohs’ Scale Hardness 7.5-8
Category Phosphate Mineral
Ruling Heavenly Body Jupiter
Origin India, Tanzania, Brazil, East Africa, Madagascar and Sri Lanka

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Hi i am a man and i am left handed, can i wear feroza stone bracelet on my left hand

Reshu dwivedi

posted on Nov 05,2020
Turquoise is also known as a symbol of friendship. It is a symbol of courage and hope. It ensures success in love. Its charm saves the wearer from accidents and evil eye. It carries great wisdom which increases growth wealth, strength, fame of the wearer. Thus Firoza is considered to be the healing and fostering gem of compassion and increases wearer s sensitivity and thinking power. Astrological benefits- Firoza has got many astrological benefits like it gives peace of mind, improves creativity attractiveness. It removes misfortunes and bad luck and results in more health, wealth, prosperity, name, fame, wisdom, honesty and strength. It enhances friendship, love, communication and loyalty. It improves creativity and charisma of the wearer.


posted on Sep 28,2020
Which gem stone suits me most DOB 8TH JULY 1959

Ravindraa Rohatgi

posted on Sep 11,2020
Which gemstone work all in one for rahu, ketu shani and mangal.

Aditi chetri

posted on Jul 25,2020
I want to know more about TURQUOISE GEMSTONE

Dr. Diwan Rashidul Hassan

posted on Jun 22,2020
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My Daughter Komal DOB is 9/7/1995 Timing is 8.10pm place of birth is Gulbarga


posted on Nov 30,2019
Dear Attaullah,
Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. Keep checking this space for more informative blogs and articles on gemstones and jewelry.
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posted on Aug 27,2019
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