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Turquoise (Firoza) Price Guide

Published on Jun 20, 2020

In the present day, Turquoise has become not just a gemstone, but an actual description of a color. The gemstone, however, has been around for ages and is considered auspicious in various cultures and religions such as Islam. Its astrological benefits are not lesser-known and thus is one of the most popular gems.

Alexandrite Gemstone

Turquoise, or Firoza, is a natural, light blue to deep bluish-green colored semi-precious gemstone of the Phosphate mineral. Being an astrological and healing gemstone, this mesmerizing gemstone is also worn as the birthstone for the month of December.

We recommend that you acquire an ample amount of knowledge before-hand while purchasing Turquoise so as to better analyze its quality and cost. The price of Turquoise, like most other gemstones, is represented by but not restricted to the 4 Cs of quality study, i.e, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. The origin of Turquoise also affects its price as some origins deliver commendable quality gemstones that are priced respectively.

Measuring through each of these factors can better help you make a judgment of the quality of Turquoise and evaluate the pricing individually.

Origin of Turquoise

Based on the origin part, Iranian or Persian Turquoise price persists to be the highest thanks to its deep blue color, historical significance, as well as its rarity. Being the second most famous option, American Turquoise (Kingman Turquoise) price is comparatively smaller. The appearance of a matrix design in Tibetan Turquoise leads to a notable decrease in its astrological as well as commercial worth. Therefore, Tibetan Turquoise is relatively more affordable and rated best for jewelry objects.

Color of Turquoise

The clean and uniform blue Turquoise (Sleeping Beauty) is viewed as the most popular and esteemed color variant. Ordinarily, the more profound and more uniform is the blue shade, the higher is the Turquoise price in the business. In the current time, the scanty bluish-green Turquoise could also retrieve a healthy price if the color is spread consistently over the exterior. A turquoise gemstone that is yellowish or greyish-blue in color is seen as lower quality stones and are hence valued the lowest.

Clarity of Turquoise

A smooth, eye-clean with zero eye-visible inclusions or matrix Turquoise is extremely rare to find and is hence recognized as the most expensive. These Turquoise gemstones are usually rated more than those having spiderweb matrix as well as noticeable spots. The appearance of unwanted spot signs, pits, and scratches on the exterior often diminishes the Turquoise price significantly.

Cut of Turquoise

Rough Turquoise is usually shaped in uniform, well-polished cabochons (gems with one-sided dome) to magnify its natural appeal and overall excellence. Due to its ample availability, oval Turquoise gemstones are often more affordable than the Turquoise gemstones in the ideal pear or round form.

Carat Weight of Turquoise

Carat weight performs a vital purpose in defining the Turquoise price. Because of the rarity of fine quality large pieces, the Turquoise price raises significantly for larger sized gemstones with uniform color and clarity. Such large pieces are usually regarded as Bracelet size stones.

To verify quality and cost, it is most important to ask for a certification from the gemstone traders for the origin, color, and clarity of Turquoise.

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