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Taurus And Gemstones

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Taurus Horoscope Gemstones

The word Taurus is derived from the Greek word 'Taurus', which means a Bull. In Sanskrit, it is called वृषभ (Vrishabha). It represents procreation and power. The ancient seers considered a bull to be a representation of this sign. Being immensely physically well built, they have an enormous competence to breed its stock. In this form, it is a storehouse of the procreative energy.

वृषलग्ने भवेज्जातो गुरुभक्तः प्रियंवद: |
गुणी कृती धनी लुब्धः शूरः सर्वजनप्रियः ||

Those born in the Taurus ascendant are respectful to elders, soft-spoken, well-mannered, energetic and active, wealthy, money-oriented, audacious and overall liked. It is considered to be one of the luckiest sign out of all 12 signs. Taurus represents materialistic growth.

Qualities In A Taurus Born:

Modesty for achieving objectives-
A person born under this sign has an armory of soft speech, well-mannered behavior, competence for tackling adverse conditions and tactful opponents. They don’t show their cards until they have achieved their targetted objective.

Respect for Elders-
They are always keen to learn different skills or upgrade them for an economically sound future. Showing respect to elders and experts is one of the factors for their materialistic growth.

There is a Sanskrit shloka, which perfectly suit the Taureans:

अभिवादन शीलस्य नित्यं वृद्धोपसेविन ||
चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशोबलम||

Through a set of good manners and by giving proper respect to the elders, one can achieve longevity in lifespan, skills, fame and power.

Risk taking ability-
Risk is an integral part of any entrepreneur’s story. One may not hope for some growth without undertaking any risk. Taureans are proficient in managing risks and establish stability in life.

Drawbacks In The Taurean Natives:

Materialistic thoughts over Spiritualism-
Excess of everything is bad. Taureans have a preoccupation for material assets, especially luxury goods and wealth, and equates them with happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes, this excess obsession for materialistic wealth breeds unhappiness. For removing such type of thoughts, one should wear a good quality Blue sapphire. It would enhance the humanitarian side of the wearer.

Dual personality-
For achieving growth, Taureans can change their statement as rolling stone. They have the quality of changing the meaning of the statement without changing a word. This drawback of dualism can be rectified by using a Blue sapphire, worn in the middle finger.

Egoistic Tendency-
Taureans are extremely goal-oriented that they often form a belief that the humankind revolves around them. Their self-indulgent streak makes them offensive, and ignorant of others’ emotions. In this case, an emerald can be the perfect solution as it would make the native sensible, realistic and responsible.

How Would A Gemstone Help A Taurus Born Native?

Birth Stone – Diamond/White Sapphire

• Ascendant lord, Venus carries an important portfolio here. It represents physique, appearance, and respect. So, by wearing a white sapphire, one can enhance these traits in his/her life.

• Venus is a sole karaka of Romance, creativity, and arts. So, this gemstone would help the wearer in his/her married life.

Luck Stone – Blue Sapphire

• Saturn holds a vital position in the lives of the Taurus-born natives. It stands for good luck, foreign travel and religion. So, with the help of a blue sapphire, wearer stands a chance to attain good fortune.

• Blue sapphire is a stone for mass support and professional growth for people born under the bull sign.

Education Stone- Emerald

• Some of the important aspects of the life like education, learning, knowledge, progeny and expertise in some skill, life are ruled by the sole planet Mercury. Emerald will help the wearer in achieving success in these parameters.

• Finance and vocal abilities of people having birth under the second sign of zodiac can be improved by wearing this green astrological gemstone.

Birth Stone: -         Diamond/White Sapphire

Luck Stone: -         Blue Sapphire/Blue Topaz/Iolite/Amethyst

Education Stone: - Emerald/Peridot

Hessonite & Cat’s eye can also be useful in some special cases.

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