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Substitutes of Hessonite

Published on Oct 17, 2013

Substitutes of Hessonite

Gemstone Hessonite
Hindi Name Gomedh or Gomed
Substitutes Orange Zircon and Spessartite
Ruling Planet: Rahu
Metal to Wear in Silver

Which gemstones are the substitutes of Hessonite?

Following are the substitutes of Gomedh Stone :

    • Orange Zircon

      Zircon is a durable gemstone and known for its brilliance. The stone is pretty lustrous & clear and is found in various colors. Presence of radioactive elements like uranium and thorium are responsible for different colors of the gemstone. Zircon belongs to the family of silicates and is mined all over the world. Orange Zircon is one of the varieties of Zircon that is commonly used as a substitute of Hessonite. It is used in rings, pendants, bracelets and many more. The stone is known to provide mental peace, prevent memory loss and cures health problems like migraine, headaches.

    • Spessartite

      Spessartite is an orange colored gemstone. The stone is commonly found in reddish, pale yellowish-orange, brownish and brownish-red colors because of the presence of iron impurities. It has a very high refractive index and exhibits amazing brilliance in the crystalline structure. Spessartite is mined in the Umba River Valley of Tanzania & Kenya, Nigeria and San Diego, California.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the effect of the substitutes same as that Hessonite?

    No. The physical appearance of Hessonite and the substitutes are same. However, the astrological benefits of the substitutes are far less and require longer time duration for fruitful results.

  • Should the weight of the substitute be the same as of Hessonite gemstone recommended to me?

    No, the substitute should be worn in large weight as compare to the main gemstone. For example: If Hessonite is advisable to be worn in weights from 2 carats to 6 carats. The substitute should be heavier in weight than that advised for the original gemstone.

  • Can I replace the substitute gemstone in future with the original Hessonite gemstone?

    Yes, according to our policy you can replace the substitute with the original gemstone. You can see here for our policy http://www.gempundit.com/privacy-policy.

    One can always buy the natural gemstones or the substitutes online from GemPundit.com.

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