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Sagittarius And Gemstones

Published on Feb 08, 2016

Sagittarius And Gemstone

The ninth sign of the Zodiac is representing Dharma of Universal man. It is a royal sign whose first half is biped and latter half quadruped. This sign is ruled by Jupiter and its birthstone is undoubtedly a Yellow Sapphire. Anyone born in this sign is considered lucky with excellent character, profound intellect and satisfactory finances. They believe in enthusiasm about life and are a go-getter. They are zesty towards life and love traveling. Everlasting optimism and jovial attitude in life make Sagittarius men, one of the most vibrant people in the world.

According to the Hindu classical texts,

धनुर्लग्ने समुत्पन्नो नीतिमान धनवान सुखी|
कुलमध्ये प्रधानं च प्राज्ञः सर्वस्य पोषकः ||

A person born under this sign is of noble character, blessed with worldly means and overall remains happy. Being the head of his family, he performs his duty with utmost effectiveness and is generally known to be a learned person.

Daring and Straightforward

An individual, born under this sign, is often very courageous and loves adventures. They are not the kind of 'nosy' neighbors, but they can be very outspoken. We can say, they have the inability to keep their views to themselves. In one hand, they will praise you genuinely, however, they can be a hard critic as well. They would seldom mince their words while speaking the bitter truth, that can hurt you.


Being a fiery sign, Sagittarians are often found to be very energetic. To channelize this energy, they often keep themselves engaged in activities which involve acquiring new skills. They are an enthusiastic bunch of people who possess higher levels of optimism.

Ethical Values

Sagittarius borns have a sense of high morality and are rarely found to divulge on the path of iniquity. They may not be involved too much in religious activities, but they are God fearing and have a prominent humanitarian side. They are often considered as a reliable friend as people can easily count on them in case of an emergency.

Professional Front

Being fiery and an intelligent sign they need freedom and liberty at their workplace as well. Generally, they possess of what it takes to become an efficient administrator. Any growing company stands higher chances of deriving benefit through their open-mindedness and a large appetite for risk. On the gray side, they are very impatient and restless and often have an aversion towards being bossed by others. Often, the natives born under this sign have a tendency to dominate, boastfulness, and direct speech, which may make their career vulnerable. To overcome this issue, they should wear Ruby and Emerald combination. Here, Mercury is the lord of the house depicting professional life in their horoscope. By wearing a stone of mercury (Emerald) coupled with a Ruby, they can outshine their abilities.

Married Life

Sagittarians are mature and considered to be an ideal partner and males enjoy being revered as the fatherly figure in the family. They never hesitate to give love, affection and prefer showing their love in the form of presents to wife and kids. The only problem related to this Archer sign is their expectations from the partner. They want their spouse to be timid, shy and somewhat old fashioned. Sometimes it becomes a major reason for their marital discord. To avoid such issues one can choose to wear Yellow Sapphire and Peridot together.


Sagittarius parents can be considered as ideal parents. They prefer to give their kids ample freedom to find themselves. Because of already set high moral standards, they try to impart life lessons to their children so that they always turn out to be a good human being first. Being honest themselves, they find it easy to trust and have faith in their kids. Once they get angry, they over-exaggerate the situation. Sagittarius borns are quite argumentative and sometimes it may become very hard to convince your points to a Sagittarian.

Birth Stone Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Stone Ruby
Stone for Education/Progeny Red Coral
Stone for Profession Ruby + Emerald
Stone for Marriage Yellow Sapphire + Green Tourmaline/Peridot
Stone in case of litigation Ruby & Yellow Sapphire

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