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Ruby (Manik) Price Guide

Published on Jun 20, 2020

A Ruby can be worn for professional and academic success, improved financial and social status, rejuvenated health, and better paternal relationships. In addition to this, people also love Rubies for their dazzling color and for beautiful jewelry such as Ruby rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Ruby (Manik) Price Guide Image courtesy: PopOptiq.com

Ruby is known as the ‘King of Gemstones’ and rightly so. It is one of the most crucial gemstones in Vedic astrology and is affiliated to the astrological Sun. However, the most essential factor to ensure is that you are indeed purchasing an authentic Ruby gemstone at the right price. Being one of the most important precious gemstones, Ruby attracts a pretty good market value.

It is suggested to receive firm pre-purchase information regarding the price of Ruby and how it varies. The value of Ruby is mainly determined by the 4Cs of quality assurance - Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. Moreover, there are other factors such as the Origin of Ruby and the presence of any Treatment that can also affect the prices significantly. We suggest that you go through each of these factors to better assess the quality and price of Ruby so that you are able to purchase a genuine Ruby gemstone at the fairest price.

Origin of Ruby

Rubies are obtained mainly from Myanmar (Burma), India, Thailand, and Mozambique. While all these origins have good quality Rubies, it is the Burmese Ruby that draws the highest price, followed by Mozambique Rubies.

Burmese Ruby Price Per Carat

Burmese Ruby Image courtesy: Ebay.com

A Burmese Ruby is considered to have the most exceptional color quality and thus commands the highest prices in Rubies. Burmese Ruby (or Old Burma ruby) is the most popular kind of Ruby gemstone. It is exceptionally famous for its deep red pigeon blood color, comparatively better clarity, and astrological significance. Old Burma Rubies are especially rare and exorbitantly costly.

Old Burmese Rubies are actually rarer than even diamonds. Because of their sheer rareness and high demand globally, every top-quality piece is valued separately to equal its quality. Burmese Ruby costs shift often even in similar carat weight ranges because of the stone’s color and clarity. A Burmese Ruby with zero to minimal eye-visible inclusions and a deep red color can clearly sell for prices between ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 1,20,000 per carat ($1,400 to $1,600 ) in the market.

Mozambique Ruby Price Per Carat

Burmese Ruby

Mozambique Ruby is a prized variety of the Ruby gemstone, extracted from Mozambique, Africa. Thanks to its sparkling red color and dazzling clarity, Mozambique Ruby is more expensive than other African Ruby varieties.

Rubies from Mozambique, Africa have earned a tremendous reputation in a very short duration. Besides its quality, the essential astrological significance and a great desire for Mozambique Ruby in the jewelry industry have had an influential command over its rates.

A striking red or a Pigeon-Blood Red Mozambique Ruby always charges the highest rates. Meanwhile, a Mozambique Ruby’s price decreases considerably when the stone’s color starts moving away from the red hue.

In India, the price of Mozambique Ruby per carat ranges from Rs 20,000 per carat ($315 approx.) to Rs 1 lakh per carat ($1400 approx.) and above.

The Thailand variety of Ruby is considered much more economical than Burmese and Mozambique varieties whereas, the Indian Ruby is available at much cheaper rates.

Color of Ruby

Ruby is available in colors ranging from deep red, vibrant red, pink, and purple. However, the deep red Pigeon-blood red variety of Ruby is considered the best and is sold at the highest prices.

As there is no end limit to a pigeon-blood Ruby price, it can clearly range in millions. Even a minute difference in the color, from deep red to pink to reddish-brown, can decrease the price of Ruby significantly.

Pigeon-Blood Red Ruby Price Per Carat

Pigeon-blood Ruby is the most popular color variety in Rubies. Pigeon-Blood Ruby’s name is originally correlated with its shade that resembles the blood withdrawn from a recent slaughtered pigeon. It showcases a bright red color with a small dash of purple that looks deep red when observed in light. This effect gives Pigeon-Blood Red Ruby global popularity and the highest astrological significance.

Pigeon-Blood Red Ruby price in India starts at Rs 3 Lakh per carat ($4665 approx.) and can reach up to Crores per carat and higher, with consideration of its quality and weight.

Pigeon-Blood Image courtesy: Ebay.com

Clarity of Ruby

The clarity of Ruby is broadly assessed by the luster and the number of inclusions detected in the Ruby gemstone. A genuine Ruby will practically invariably have visible or invisible inclusions. Eye-clean Rubies with inclusions not visible to the naked eye are remarkably rare and therefore very valuable. Ruby price per carat will be significantly high for such original, inclusion-free Ruby gemstones.

Burmese Ruby Price Per Carat Based on Clarity

Burmese Rubies rarely occur without inclusions. Moreover, inclusions in original Burmese Rubies are normally tolerable regarding that eye-clean variety of Burmese Rubies realistically does not exist anymore in the business today. Burmese Ruby’s price per carat differs depending on the position, amount, and the nature of inclusions present in the gemstone.

Mozambique Ruby Price Per Carat Based on Clarity

As per the trade norms, a natural clear Mozambique Ruby with no eye-visible inclusions earns a great price. Nevertheless, this norm is not appropriate for Mozambique Ruby prices. Regardless of being included with silky rutile needle inclusions, Mozambique Ruby’s value remains substantially high. This is because its inferior clarity is properly requited by its rare and dazzling reddish-pink hue.

Pigeon-Blood Red Ruby Price Per Carat Based on Clarity

Clarity also plays control over Blood-red Ruby rates. Eye-clean Pigeon-Blood Ruby with minimum eye visible inclusions are notably rare and consequently, demand a greater price for particularly clear gems.

Cut of Ruby

The style a Ruby is fashioned can add approximately 10-20% to the price of Ruby. Faceted cut Ruby is radiantly improved yet contracts significant stone wastage as well. If quality remains the same, faceted Ruby values costlier than a Ruby cabochon.

Carat Weight of Ruby

An impeccable, original Ruby over a couple of carats, is limitedly available and is even more limited than diamonds. Hence, Ruby’s price per carat grows exponentially when going from a one-carat Ruby to a four-carat Ruby.

Treatment in Ruby

Being precious, Rubies are pretty exposed to profiteering. Low-quality Rubies are usually dyed or heat-treated for extensive perimeters. An authentic Ruby is usually costly (depending on the origin) than artificial Ruby or glass-filled Rubies. A genuine, untreated Ruby purchased at lower costs should always be regarded with doubt.

To guarantee quality and value, it is best to ask for a certification from the gemstone sellers for origin, color and clarity of the Ruby gemstone.

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