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Pitambari Neelam (Yellow-Blue Sapphire) Price Guide

Published on Jun 20, 2020

Pitambari Neelam (Yellow-Blue Sapphire) is a relatively rare category of Sapphire that contains the astrological properties of two of the most significant Vedic gemstones, i.e Blue Sapphire (Neelam) and Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). Suggested cautiously when specific Yogas are present in the birth chart or horoscope, Yellow-Blue Sapphire is profoundly esteemed to convey the positive influences of both these gemstones in the individual’s life. Ancestrally named as Pitambari Neelam, Pitambari Nila, and even Pitambari Pukhraj, this stunning Sapphire is gemologically termed as Blue Green Sapphire or Bi-color Sapphire.

Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Neelam is advised to be worn for monetary success, upgraded social status, good luck, and a healthy body.

It is recommended to obtain definite pre-purchase knowledge about the price of Pitambari Neelam and how it changes. The cost of Pitambari Neelam is mainly decided by the 4Cs of quality certainty - Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. Furthermore, there are additional determinants such as the Origin of Pitambari Neelam and the presence of any Treatment that can also alter the prices significantly. We advise that you go through these factors to properly evaluate the quality and cost to be able to purchase an authentic Pitambari Neelam gemstone at the most reasonable price.

Origin of Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Neelam is obtained mainly from Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), USA, Brazil, and a few East-Asian countries. While all these sources have a commendable collection of Pitambari Neelam, it is the Sri Lankan variety that is considered the most valuable, followed by the Burmese Pitambari Neelam.

Ceylonese Pitambari Neelam (Sri Lanka)

Ceylonese Pitambari Neelam price is high in contrast to other sources due to its excellent color and outstanding clarity. It extends from ₹ 2500 per carat to ₹ 35,000 per carat, depending upon the quality of the gem. Commonly, Burmese Pitambari Neelam is more economical than Ceylon Pitambari Neelam although deviations are always there, as the price of some fine quality Pitambari Neelam from Burma can surpass the price of Ceylonese Pitambari Neelam.

Color of Pitambari Neelam

The color of Pitambari Neelam is significant because it also defines its astrological prominence as gemstones with superior color are extensively suggested in astrology. The specimens with higher yellow concentration are called Pitambari whereas the ones with a higher blue concentration are called Neelambari.

As is for all other Sapphires, the color of the gemstone is one of the most important quality deciding factors that directly influence the prices. Generally, the consistency and depth in color, as well as the color ratio between blue and yellow in the gemstone, are the main determinants of the color quality of Pitambari Neelam gemstone. Pitambari Neelam gemstones that are deep and bright-colored with prominent clear color zoning is considered the most valuable.

Clarity of Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Neelam generally has inclusions in the form of rutile silk, feathers, fingerprints, etc. that affect the clarity of the gemstone. The clarity of Pitambari Neelam is an essential factor in its pricing as it is directly linked to astrology as well. Astrology suggests eye-clean inclusion-free gemstones for the best astrological results.

The price of Pitambari Neelam is determined by assessing the clarity, i.e, the consistency, location, and volume of inclusions present in the gemstone. Specimens that have zero to minimum eye-visible inclusions and superior transparency are considered astrologically more beneficial and are priced higher.

Cut of Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Neelam is cut into various different shapes and cuts. The cut of the gemstone does not have any influence on the gemstone’s astrological prowess but instead only has commercial prominence. Pitambari Neelam is cut into regular economical cuts such as the oval cut, rectangular-cushion cut, and square-cushion cut and also into expensive cuts such as the princess cut and the trillion cut. Cuts such as the princess cut and trillion cut are priced higher due to the wastage of Pitambari Neelam stone incurred during the cutting process whereas simple cuts such as the oval cut incur minimum stone wastage and are thus priced more economically.

Carat Weight of Pitambari Neelam

The price of Pitambari Neelam, above few carats, is very rare and thus bigger pieces of Pitambari Neelam are considered much more valuable. The price can even reach millions for the best Pitambari Neelam with consistent color and clarity. However, larger gemstones tend to have more inclusions and irregularities which can affect their prices. Nevertheless, if the quality remains intact, large Pitambari Neelam gemstones have a higher price per carat.

Treatment of Pitambari Neelam

Being a rare and precious gemstone that is very prominent in Vedic astrology, Pitambari Neelam is introduced to chemical treatments and heating very easily. These treatments enhance the transparency and the color depth of the gemstone thus making them look like superior specimens. However, natural Pitambari Neelam is considered much more precious and is priced much higher than treated specimens. To ensure quality and price, it is best to request a certification from the gemstone traders for the origin, color, and clarity of the Pitambari Neelam gemstone.

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