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Pink Topaz Price Guide

Published on Jul 05, 2020

Pink Topaz personifies rarity, esthetic appeal, and everyday durability which makes it one of the world’s most desired and valuable gemstones. It comes from a sole deposit near the Brazilian town of Ouro Preto and is known to bring love and success in relationships, solve emotional instability, and harmonize relationships. Pink Topaz jewelry items like Pink Topaz earrings and Pink Topaz Necklaces never cease to excite jewelry lovers.

Pink Topaz

Though clarity and size have a tremendous bearing on the price of a topaz, color has the most prominent impact on its pricing. Pink Topaz stone is rarely found and is more costly than other colored Topaz. Make sure to examine the color, cut, and clarity of the Pink Topaz minutely before buying it.

Color – For Pink Topaz, color is one of the supreme quality determining factors. Usually, the deeper shades are considered more valuable. Sherry pink is the rarest and most valuable among other shades of Pink Topaz.

Clarity – Since Pink Topaz is often light in color, inclusions (liquid inclusions and minerals) can be easily spotted through naked eyes. Therefore, the eye clean Pink Topaz with good transparency and minimum visible flaws are highly valuable.

Cut – Natural Pink Topaz crystals are faceted to show off the clarity and brilliance. Pink Topaz which is faceted into deep striking cuts and unusual shapes to form gemstone is priced high.

Pink Topaz Image source: Peoples Jewellers

Also, Skillful “cutting” is certainly critical for all Topaz, but primarily so for Pink Topaz as it is dichroic in nature i.e, two-colors are visible in a pink topaz when viewed from different angles, where one color usually appears darker than the other. If Pink Topaz is not cut precisely, its darker dichroic shade can collect at the edges of the finished gemstone, resulting in uneven color.

In India, Pink Topaz price per carat starts from Rs 400 per carat ($6 approx.) but can reach as high as Rs 2, 000 per carat ($30 approx.) for top-quality gems. Prices in other countries such as the UK, USA, or UAE may vary with the supply and demand cycle.

To ascertain the authenticity of a gemstone, it is highly recommended to look for a gem lab certificate when buying a pink topaz. There are many imitations available in the market these days which are sold in the name of the original ones. Heat treatments are also used to change some yellow, orange, and brown topaz to pink or red.

At GemPundit, we believe in keeping things transparent for our customers by providing a free gem lab certificate with each item. This certificate comes with no extra or hidden cost. Browse through our website to find the best quality Pink Topaz jewelry and loose gemstones.

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