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Padparadscha Price Guide

Published on Jun 20, 2020

Padparadscha is a pretty rare and precious Sapphire gemstone of the Corundum mineral group that boasts a rare mixture of orange and pink colors varying from light orange to vigorous reddish-orange, pinkish-orange and deep orange with brown hints.

Padparadscha Gemstone

Appreciated by gem collectors and jewelry designers all across the world, Padparadscha is accepted as the modern birthstone of September, although it is not regarded much of a traditional astrological gemstone.

One can wear Padparadscha to improve mental focus, promote spirituality, leadership qualities, and to cure reproductive as well as psychological disabilities and disorders.

We suggest receiving enough amount of knowledge before-hand while purchasing Padparadscha so as to better analyze its quality and furthermore its price. The price of Padparadscha, like most other gemstones, is determined by the 4 Cs of quality analysis, i.e, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. In addition to this, the origin of Padparadscha also affects its price as certain sources produce commendable quality gemstones that are priced accordingly.

Going through each of these factors can better help you understand the quality of Padparadscha and evaluate the pricing respectively.

Origin of Padparadscha

Padparadscha is mainly obtained from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Ceylonese or Sri Lankan variety of Padparadscha is considered the most valuable, followed by Madagascar.

Sri Lankan (Ceylonese) Padparadscha

The Sri Lankan Padparadscha is considered the most valuable thanks to its superior color and clarity.

Padparadscha Gemstone

Madagascar Padparadscha

The precious Sri Lankan Padparadscha is followed by Madagascar Padparadscha which is slightly pinker than orange. However, exceptions do exist in this scenario. Fine quality Madagascar Padparadscha sometimes outsells Sri Lankan ones when it comes to price due to better quality.

Padparadscha Gemstone

Color of Padparadscha

The color of Padparadscha is the most crucial factor in determining its quality and price. Generally, light to medium toned Padparadscha with a perfect mix of pink and orange color is considered to be more valuable than brownish-orange ones.

Clarity of Padparadscha

Since Padparadscha is a rather rare gemstone, its clarity is not much of an issue when assessing its quality and price if the color is phenomenal. However, if there are inclusions present in the gemstone that negatively affect the beauty of Padparadscha, it is considered to be a factor that determines its price and quality. Padparadscha price falls steeply when dark-colored inclusions are present in light-colored Padparadscha gemstones.

Cut of Padparadscha

Padparadscha being a rare gemstone is mostly cut into simple shapes such as the oval cut and the cushion cut. Fancy shapes such as the round and emerald-cut are rarely seen. Padparadscha is not cut into intricate shapes as it incurs major stone wastage and thus is sold at a very high price. Simple cut Padparadscha is considered the most economical. In addition to this, Padparadscha cabochons are also available and are even more economical.

Carat Weight of Padparadscha

Due to its rarity, Padparadscha prices are high as it is. Even small variations in size witness a prominent drift in prices. Therefore, larger Padparadscha stones sell for a higher price as compared to smaller ones.

To assure quality and cost, it is best to request a certification from the gemstone merchants for the origin, color, and clarity of Padparadscha.

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