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November Birthstone - Citrine & Topaz

Published on Nov 22, 2013


Gemstone Citrine
Ruling Heavenly Body Mercury
Mohs’ Scale Hardness 7
Specific Gravity 2.65
Category Silicate Mineral
Lustre Vitreous
Streak White
Metal to Wear in Gold
Origin Brazil, Russia, Argentina and Russia

Gemstones have been known to benefit their wearer from the time immemorial. These stones are used for their transcendental powers since ages in different cultures and civilizations across the globe. The enchanting powers possessed by these gemstones are due to the heavenly bodies which rule these stones and hence are treated as sacred in Hindu mythology. Gemstones are categorized on the basis of the zodiac signs and accordingly suit their wearer in the best possible manner.

The birthstone for the people who took birth in the month of November is Citrine and Topaz. The looks of these two gemstones are so mesmerizing and sensuous that people who took birth in November feel proud and lucky for having such amazing gemstones as their birthstones.

  • One of the two Birthstones for the month of November, Citrine Gemstone comes from the family of second most abundant mineral on the Earth, Quartz.
  • The hue of this alluring gemstone varies from brown to yellow. Citrine is mainly mined in the countries of Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Russia, Scotland, Namibia, Spain, and Myanmar.
  • The gemstone Citrine derives its name from a French word “Citron” which stands for “Lemon”.
  • The signature tallow color of a Citrine is due to the presence of iron in it.


  • Providing calmness and peace to the mind, a Citrine is known for bringing mental clarity to its wearer.
  • Helping in the academics, Citrine has a magical power to bring back the memorized material.
  • This precious gemstone is highly beneficial for those people who have problems in communicating.
  • Sorting out the fights and reuniting broken relationships, Citrine brings happiness and satisfaction in one’s life.
  • It detoxifies kidneys and liver of the wearer.
  • Eradicating insomnia, Citrine provides a peaceful and sound sleep to the wearer.


Gemstone Yellow Topaz
Other Names Topazus (Latin), Topace (French), Tapas (Sanskrit), Tapooz (Hebrew)
Ruling Heavenly Body Sun
Birthstone November
Moh’s Scale Hardness 8
Specific Gravity 3.49-3.57
Category Silicate Mineral
Lustre Vitreous
Streak White
Metal to Wear in Gold
Hues Greenish Yellow, Bright Yellow, Pale Yellow and Brownish Yellow
Origin Japan, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Pakistan, Tasmania, United States of America, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nigeria, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic,
  • Transcendental, magnificent, and enchanted gemstone of Yellow Topaz is the second birthstone for the month of November.
  • This charming gemstone is a silicate mineral by its origin and contains fluorine & aluminium in its basic composition.
  • Found in an array of beautiful colors ranging from yellow, pale gray, reddish orange to blue brown and wine, this amazing gemstone is believed to be ruled by the Sun.
  • Topaz derives its name from an ancient French word “Topace” and a Latin word “Topazus”.
  • A Topaz gives a rating of 8 out of 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness.


  • Topaz is known to control the anger and brings happiness to its wearer.
  • The power of the Sun vested in a Topaz enables it to protect its wearer from evil spirits, negativities and envy.
  • Bringing peace and satisfaction to its wearer, Topaz relieves depression, despair, regrets and worries.
  • Known for benefiting in various ailments, a Topaz is helpful in curing insomnia, jaundice, memory loss, and aggressiveness.
  • Topaz brings wealth to its wearer and proves beneficial in the fulfillment of materialistic desires.
  • Being ruled by the Sun, this provides sincerity, sobriety, kindness, pride, dedication and intelligence.
  • This enchanted gemstone has a tendency to increase the concentration power and hence highly beneficial for the students & researchers.
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