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Natural Gemstones to cure ‘Depression’

Published on Apr 10, 2017

In our previous blog, we presented a view point shared by millions around the world on gemstones being the natural healers with powers to cure human body and mind. With Depression becoming the leading cause of disability worldwide, their role in improving the psychological well being becomes even more important. Through this blog post we attempt to spread awareness about gemstones that are known to improve intellectual, spiritual or psychological wellness of people.

Natural Gemstones

Pearl – For anger management

You would have often spotted people flaunting silky shiny white pearl on their little fingers. Pearl is a natural, organic gemstone representing Moon which is the karaka of healthy mind and soul.

Natural pearl is often recommended to people struggling with emotional stress and mental precariousness. Vedic Astrologers believe that malefic placement of Moon is responsible for afflictions in one’s life. Wearing a pearl gemstone in silver metal helps to assuage the malefic Moon and nurtures the wearer emotionally. Positive cosmic energies that radiate from Pearl are considered helpful to strengthen the temperament and relieve pressure off the minds of those suffering from depression.

Turquoise – For a lifted spirit

Regarded as an effective emotional healer in western astrology, Turquoise is another highly recommended gemstone for individuals suffering from emotional and psychological constraints. This charming pastel blue gemstone channelizes energy that can pacify body and spirit to a great extent. It helps the wearer by alleviating his sense of loss, loneliness or abandonment. Turquoise gemstone is also recognized for restoring depleted vitality and lifting sagging spirits. It relieves the stress and brings focus back to the center, thus improving concentration. As a stone of purification, turquoise promotes self-realization and aids in gaining control over emotions. It helps to stabilize mood swings and attitudes linked with self-sabotaging.

Cat’s Eye – For a peaceful mind

Cat’s eye is known to be worn by ancient legends for bestowing mental peace since centuries. It is believed that this holy gemstone is blessed with innumerable health benefits. Cats Eye is linked with malefic planet Ketu. According to Indian vedic astrology, Cats Eye helps in dealing with mental stress and domestic tensions. Astrologers believe that Cat’s eye gemstone not only helps in retaining mental stability but also safeguards the wearer from physical weaknesses.

Amethyst – For wisdom and contentment

This vibrant, purple purple gemstone is considered as a perfect gift for those suffering from depression. It helps in stilling one’s thoughts and helps individuals to surrender to spiritual energies higher than the self. Western Astrology recommend people to wear Amethyst to cure psychic disturbances and to stabilize brain imbalances. Regarded as the stone of wisdom and contentment, it is a highly comforting gemstone for those grieving the loss of a loved one. It helps to establish a strong connection with the self at a spiritual level.

Moonstone – For Letting Go

Moonstone is said to have many intuitive and emotional healing properties. It helps to discharge the anger blockages and balance the unyielding emotions. This gemstone is believe to possess positive energy of planet Moon. Moonstone is known to heal the emotional wounds and helps in emerging out from the heaviness of depression. Astrologers recommend this gemstone to people who feel emotionally burdened and are suffering from chronic negativity. This vedic gemstone is believed to increase empathy in people by calming their fears. It also assists in re-orienting biological or hormonal mood swings in people who struggle with over-emotional temperaments. We always advise our readers to undergo Gemstone Recommendation before selecting any gemstone, as wearing a gemstone that conflicts with planetary arrangement in their horoscope may have adverse effects. [Click To Know: Can Gemstones Cure Depression ]

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