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Natural Blue Sapphire vs Synthetic Blue Sapphire

Published on Dec 17, 2013

Natural Blue Sapphire vs Synthetic Blue Sapphire

Natural Blue Sapphire or Neelam is a brilliant gemstone having varied hues from violet blue to true blue. It is a variety of mineral Corundum, which is an aluminum oxide. This Sapphire has excellent cosmic properties to bring fortunes with mental clarity and self confidence in the life of its possessor.
It is primarily mined in countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Thailand. The Ceylonese Blue Sapphire, one mined in Sri Lanka, is considered to be the most significant variety of this gemstone, astrologically.

It is the birthstone for Virgo as per Western astrology while Capricorn and Aquarius according to Indian astrology. Natural Blue Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale which is just next in line to diamond. No doubt that this gemstone is largely used for making beautiful jewelry and also for some industrial purposes as well. On the basis of cut, color, and clarity, it is an exquisite gift of nature though its replica is quite commonly found now in the form of Synthetic Blue Sapphire.

Synthetic Sapphire was first made in 1902 and is very commonly used since then. It has striking resemblance to its natural version which makes it quite difficult to differentiate between the two. Both comprise of same chemical properties and hardness.
Sometimes, synthetic sapphire has even more clarity and larger size as compared to Natural Blue Sapphire. But still, for reaping better astrological benefits and making fine jewelry, gemologists and buyers around the work prefer natural gemstones only.

Difference between Natural Blue Sapphire and Synthetic Blue Sapphire:

  • Natural Blue Sapphire is a gift of Mother Nature, a miracle where different substances combine to make a rare gemstone which is priceless due to its exceptional metaphysical properties . However, Synthetic Blue Sapphire is a lab made gem as a result of process called Verneuil Process.
  • Though, it can be argued that synthetic variety is more refined and clean, the imperfections of natural sapphire added to it by nature make it rare and distinguished. The impurities like rutile in Natural Blue Sapphire give it the velvety texture and subtle optical properties.
  • Synthetic Blue Sapphire is definitely more affordable than Natural Blue Sapphire. They are rather flawless and cheaper but despite this fact, they are devoid of the cosmic values that a natural gemstone possesses. This makes the natural gemstones, preferable by the astrologers as birthstone and for other healing benefits derived from them.
  • The inclusions like bubble or even feathers, in natural Sapphire make them precious. Under good lights, their sheen is remarkable as well while synthetic Blue Sapphire has artificial hues given to it by coloring agent but lacks in that brilliant shine though they have an abnormal glow under specific lightings.
  • Natural Blue Sapphire is darker in color while synthetic Blue Sapphire is brighter and lighter in shade. They are even harder than natural ones. Probably, that is the reason behind their industrial usage.

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