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Most Desired Colours In Blue Sapphires

Published on Nov 30, 2019

Sapphires are one of the most sought-after gems in the world. They are sold as loose gemstones and also used in jewelry. They come in various colours; blue, yellow, pink, etc and the red sapphires are called Ruby. Blue Sapphires are the most popular and are known for their valiant blue shades which represents love, loyalty, power and wisdom. Most blue sapphires are mined from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as well as other sources such as Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Australia etc.


A Blue Sapphire’s standards are defined via the assessment of its Hue, Saturation and Tone.

Hue defines the colour of the stone. Some Blue sapphires have a clear blue hue however there are specimens that possess other secondary hues. Purple, violet and green are the most recurrent hues in blue sapphires.


Blue Sapphire


Purple Blue Sapphire

Green Blue Sapphire

Green Blue Sapphire


Violet Blue Sapphire

Saturation simply means the radiance or flamboyance of colour in a gem. The more the colour, the more the saturation.

Tone is the lightness to darkness index of a gem.

The most popular and precious Blue Sapphires are mostly of Sri Lankan origin as Sri Lanka has the oldest gem mines. Some of these gems are Star of Adam, Star of Bombay, Star of India, Stuart’s Sapphire, etc. However, these gems cannot be purchased as they are kept in museums and hold great historical importance.

Among the most desired colours in Blue Sapphires, Kashmiri Sapphires have the most sought after hue variations, and they are one of the oldest and finest variants of Blue Sapphires. They mostly possess a true blue colour, have a silky texture and are very rare.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Gem connoisseurs are also known to be fascinated by Cornflower Blue Sapphires which have a lighter hue and resembles the colour of a cornflower. They are highly sought after, especially Cornflower Kashmiri Blue Sapphires. Nevertheless, a good quality cornflower blue sapphire from Sri Lanka can be sold for more value than a Kashmiri Blue Sapphire. Origins for cornflower blue sapphires include Sri Lanka, Madagascar, etc.

Royal Blue Sapphires are another colour variant of blue sapphires that people fancy. Royal Blue Sapphire is the top-quality Sapphire that fulfils a comprehensive set of qualities including medium deep blue to strong dark blue color (without darkening), good transparency and complete absence of any treatment. This gemstone is an ideal choice for both astrological and jewelry purposes

Star Blue Sapphires are also popular variants of Blue Sapphires. They are popular for their exhibition of star-like patterns or asterism on its surface when exposed to direct light. They are mostly worn for their astrological powers.

Star Blue Sapphire

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