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Substitutes of Moonstone

Published on Jan 04, 2014


As the name suggests, Moonstone is the gem having association with moon. This semi precious gem is the secondary stone for planet moon, primary gemstone being the Pearl. Pearl is directly related to Moon due to its striking resemblance and properties descending upon it from this heavenly body that rules the water element and bestows feminine energy upon the wearers. However, Pearl is a very delicate gem having hardness of just 3.0 on Moh’s scale while Moonstone as its viable substitute scores 6.0 in terms of hardness. During the years, Use of Moonstone in place of Pearl has increased both for ornamental as well as astrological purposes .


The main reasons behind this preference and more acceptability of Moonstone are 

  • As an upratna, Moonstone has brilliant metaphysical properties that are equally compatible with the movement of Moon as Pearl. It showers calmness, soothes the mind, and cures the body against illnesses.
  • Moonstone is derived from a commonly found mineral called Feldspar due to which it is much cheaper and affordable gemstone. With its excellent properties combined with this affordability, it becomes favored choice for most of the people. Natural Pearl gemstone is somewhat rare and precious as it is quite difficult to extract it from the sea beds. However, synthetic or cultured pearls have largely replaced natural pearl for jewelry purposes.
  • Like Pearl gemstone , Moonstone too has an appearance that resembles this calm planet of Moon. This translucent gem in its creamy hue allures everyone. This similarity led the ancient Greeks and Romans to believe it to be solidified form of moon light. It is an ancient stone always revered for its strong cosmic powers.
  • Moonstone is the stone for zodiac sign Cancer and birthstone for June like natural pearl gemstone. It is extremely favorable for those related to health care, medicine, agriculture, technology, and those dealing in liquid products. It is especially suggested for travelers in water.
  • Just like Pearl, Moonstone is also a women’s gemstone that works wonders for them in terms of health and happiness. But this does not restrain its effects on males. Moonstones can lead to better balance between brain and heart for men for better decision making with a clear conscience.
  • Along with its exceptional properties and similarity to Pearl, Moonstone is also a beautiful gemstone available in varied colors. Bluish hue of this gem is quite rare and precious. Apart from astrological purposes, it is also sought after for making exquisite jewelry items including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

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