Benefits of Kyanite Gemstone

Publised on Jan 11, 2014


Though every gemstone is a distinct treasure of earth, Kyanite is unique in its own self. It is one of the rare gemstones in which the hardness varies according to the direction of the stone. Also it is a stone with exceptional magnetic forces. In fact, during ancient times, it was used as traveler’s compass due to this property of Kyanite. Kyanite has its name arising from a Greek word Kyanos meaning ‘deep blue’. But this does not restrict the hues of this beautiful gemstone which has several other striking colors as well. This semi precious stone is commonly found in sedimentary or metamorphic rocks rich in aluminium. Kyanite is considered to be a strong gemstone with immense metaphysical properties.

Kyanite Stone

Kyanite Stone Benefits :

  • Kyanite stone enhances the psychic powers of a person and also connects with the divinity through its vibration and energies.
  • This attractive gemstone has great healing powers with which it stimulates all the chakras in body for overall well being. Particularly, it opens the throat chakra and improves the ability to express one's thought.
  • Kyanite is one of the exceptional gems that do not contain any negativity and therefore it never requires to be cleansed as such.
  • Since this gemstone has no negative energies, it promotes positive attitude by removing anger, depression, frustration, or stress of any type.
  • It is a grounding gemstone and hence, it helps in meditation. It also induces third eye chakra which expands the horizons of creativity, perception, and agility in a person.
  • Kyanite balances the yin and yang energies to strengthen the body and soul.
  • Due to its gentle powers that are extremely calming, it brings tranquility and removes all the obstructions from the mind and soul.
  • It aids to heal the diseases related to hearing impairments, eyes, thyroid, upper lungs, parathyroid, vocal cord, neck, and also the sense of smell. It controls blood pressure and enhances body motion.
  • This soothing pain reliever is a great companion to recover from an accident and it also cures the infections in body.

Kyanite fosters healthy relationships by removing any discords. It facilitate in better communication for attaining resolution on a disputed matter. As it develops intuition, it also promotes self expression. This perfect stone for complete attunement has high positive energies which also aids in recalling the dreams and invoking psychic thought process. It is also beneficially used for many industrial purposes and cut into cabochons as gemstone crystals.

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