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Know Your Gems, Keep These 4 C’s of Quality Check on Your Tips

Published on Oct 17, 2016

What does your Ruby gemstone say? Why are Blue Sapphires so expensive? What makes diamonds irresistable to look at? All these questions will be answered once you polish your knowledge in quality specifications of precious gemstones. Popularly known as The Four C’s of judgement; Colour, Clarity, Carat, and Cut determine the price and value of a gemstone.


Colour of a gemstone has three sub categories which are the decisive factors. These are:


A gemstone has one basic colour. For example Green emerald. Now when the gemstone will show blue or yellow tinge, that will be called hue. In blueish green emerald and a yellowish green peridot, blue and yellow are the hues of the stones respectively.

green emerald gem


In plane terms, saturation can be understood as richness of a particular colour. The more the saturation level is, the desirability of the stone increases. However, desirability is subjective to human fancies, but a stone high in saturation is valuable as well. Also, inclusion are more visible in light and poorly coloured stone, therefore the value of such stone decreases

blue shaphiree gem


Tone is the lightness and darkness of a colour with respect to the colour absorbed by a stone. It is noteworthy that tone increases with saturation because of the maximum light absorbed.

blue sapphire ceylonese luxury gemstone


Yes, as a human, it is not difficult to understand why cut of a gem is important and why it is done at the first place. Cutting a gemstone can be compared to all the hassels we take to beautify our outter appearance. However, if we delve into the technicalities, cut provides a number of facets at different angles toa gem which enhances the light absorbing capacity of a stone. The aestheic value is also doubled because of the shaping as well. Here are some of the popular cuts:


This factor depends on the inclusions, fracurues and their positioning in a gemstone. Though it lesser number of inclusions ensure better quality of a stone; however, in case of Blue Sapphire, inclusions actually add to the beauty of the stone. An inclusion free gemstone is rare, therefore, visually smaller, lesser, and lighter inclusions are acceptable. As long as they are less visible and located near the gridle, a gemstone is valuable and desirable.


Value of gemstone also depends on the weight of the stone, which is measured in carats. A gemstone’s worth is determined with its per carat rate. Here, 5 carats make 1gm.

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