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How To Wear A Yellow Topaz

Published on Nov 06, 2015

As Yellow Topaz stands for the planet Jupiter, it influences all the life aspects governed by this planet. The benefits offered by this gemstone include improvement in the financial status of the wearer, wealth position and honor. This gemstone is believed to bring stability in life and is suggested to those who are looking for a stable relationship with their partner. Overall, it lowers down the level of despair and hopelessness from the life and brings positive changes in the personality.

Yellow Topaz


To derive the maximum Yellow Topaz benefits , it is suggested that the necessary steps are being followed to purify the stone and prepare it for wearing. One can wear a yellow topaz either as a ring or in a pendant, preferably set with gold. Otherwise, it can also be set with panchdhatu as well. If it is worn as a ring, then it should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. Make sure to wear it on a Thursday morning during Shukla Paksh before sunrise.

Prepare the ring or the pendant for wearing with the following items. Place it at the bottom of a metal bowl and add the following one by one:

1. Ganga Jal

2. Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil)

3. Unboiled cow’s milk

4. Honey

5. Ghee (clarified butter)

Recite the following mantra 108 times, to energize the ring

“Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”

Keep the ring/pendant for 5-10 minutes in the bowl and it can then be immediately taken out of the bowl and cleaned with water and worn on the little finger of the correct hand.


1. An untreated Yellow Topaz should be pale yellow to golden in color.
2. It should be free of black inclusions.
3. It should have excellent clarity and devoid of any milkyness.
4. They should not be dyed or enhanced.


1. A Yellow Topaz should be absolutely transparent and should be free from any kind of eye visible inclusions.

2. They should not be artificially colored.

Topaz has been a very popular gemstone and it finds its mention some 2000 years back as well. Apart from being a healing crystal, Vedic Astrology considers a yellow topaz a very effective gemstone which has offered numerous benefits to its wearers. It also has a very wide ornamental use as it is one of the brightest gemstones which have a high demand among the jewelers as well as jewelry lovers. At GemPundit , we offer lab certified gemstones which adhere to our strict QA standards.

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We have to purchase the Topaz stone ( Min 7.5 Ratti).
pl advise regarding purchase as well as wearing guidance.


posted on Sep 17,2020
Dear Ashmeet,
Thank you for reaching out to us! We would be happy to help you. According to Astrology, it is suggested that the gemstone should weigh 1/10th of the bodyweight of the wearer, i.e, if the person weighs 60Kgs, the gemstone should weigh 6 carats (1/10th of 60 is 6) (1 ratti = 0.91 carats).
You can go through our collection of Yellow Topaz at and find the gem that suits you.
We wish you have a great day ahead.
Warm regards,
Team GemPundit.

Team GemPundit

posted on Oct 16,2019
My question is how much rati should I buy for the golden topaz???
I am born on 1st of November 1988


posted on Oct 12,2019
Dear Usha,

Thank you for sharing your query with us. We will definitely help you choose the perfect gemstone.

As per the birth details provided by you, your daughter is a Virgo, and Mars Rahu combination is in lagna. So, wearing Emerald is going to help her. Apart from it doing pooja of lord Kartikeya is quite beneficial for her. She should avoid red color clothes as much as possible. She has the potential to rise in her life.

Ma'am, regarding your placed order for Topaz gemstone, we would like to inform you that your order was shipped from our end on Jun 17, 2019, via Delhivery. It is in transit currently. The Expected Date Of Delivery is 20 Jun 2019, Evening.
Meanwhile, you can also visit the following link and view the status of your order.

Team GemPundit.

Team GemPundit

posted on Jun 26,2019
my daughter is studying for 5 year law course.. she was good at studies.. but now when the results were out i found that she has failed in many subjects.. She has again one more year to finish the course. can you suggest me a gemstone that will help her focus in studies as well as pass the same. She also has some health issues (breathing) her DOB is 23/02/1997..time 9.35pm kerala. ernaklulam..

I have ordered a topaz gemstone for myself from you. not recieved yet.


posted on Jun 19,2019
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