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How To Wear A White Zircon

Published on Nov 16, 2015

How to wear a White Zircon gemstone:

Vedic Astrology suggests the following guidelines for preparing a zircon gemstone before wearing it. This gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with Silver only. And it should be worn on the Ring or the Middle finger of the Right Hand on a Friday during Shukla Paksha (ascending moon).

White Zircorn

To prepare the ring or the pendant for wearing, place it at the bottom of a metal bowl and add the following one by one:

1. Ganga Jal

2. Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil)

3. Unboiled cow’s milk

4. Honey

5. Ghee (clarified butter)

Recite the following mantra 108 times, to energize the ring

“Om Shun Shukraye Namah”

The ring/pendant can then be immediately taken out of the bowl and cleaned with water and worn on the ring or the middle finger of the right hand.

Since, a diamond is an expensive gemstone, zircon has become much popular due to its abundance and cheaper rates. While white zircon is mostly common, this gemstone can also be found in other notable shades like blue, pink and green among many others.


1. The gemstone should be flawless white in color.

2. The luster should be flawless and vitreous.

3. The cut of the gemstone should be perfect and immaculate.

4. High specific gravity i.e. it should be heavier than an average stone of the same size.

5. The clarity of the gemstone should be more than 90%.


1. The gemstone should be absolutely colorless and should be free from any inclusions.

2. The look of the gemstone should be rivaling to the diamond.

While the astrological benefits of an unheated and untreated white zircon are numerous as it offers benefits on both physical as well as psychological levels. Along with this, it is also a very popular gemstone for the perspective of jewelry. A bright white gemstone can get you the same look as a diamond would get you, that too in the fraction of its cost! Smaller pieces of this gemstone can be set around larger precious gemstone to give the ring or pendant, in which it is set, a stylish look. Ask your jeweler for such pretty designs or you can come up with one and suggest him next time. At GemPundit, we are offering unheated and untreated gemstones of all varieties so that they offer you the best astrological benefits. Visit our online catalogue to know more about the gemstone prices.

Buy a 100% genuine, lab certified White Zircon only from our website and rest assured of its quality.

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My date of birth-29/07/1995. Time -10.10 am./day. Satarday... I live in District- PaschimMedini Pur. State- westbengal. Sir/ madam, I want to about, when i get a job, marraige . Some beneficial stone for me .please suggest me according to my birth chart.

Rajkumar Jana

posted on May 01,2020
Dear Jyothi,
Thank you for reaching out to us with your query! We will be glad to help you. However, to suggest a gemstone to you, we would require your full birth details. We request you to kindly send your birth date, time, and place so that our expert astrologer can help find out which gemstone suits you the best.
For any other queries, feel free to contact us at +91 11 4084 4599 or mail us at
Meanwhile, you can avail our FREE GEMSTONE RECOMMENDATION service at
We wish you have a great day ahead.
Warm regards,
Team GemPundit.

Team GemPundit

posted on Dec 23,2019
I would like to know if I can wear zircon


posted on Dec 21,2019
The best Gemstone that is suitable for me 


posted on Dec 08,2019
Hi Amit,
Thank you for writing to us. We are glad that you trusted us with your concern and we will definitely guide you through it. American Diamond (Cubic Zirconia) is a lab-created, non-astro gemstone. It has no relevance in astrology, but it is widely used for ornamental purpose and you can wear it on any finger of your choice.

You can choose from a wide range of American Diamond (Cubic Zirconia) from the given link:
We hope we have addressed your concerns to your satisfaction. For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Team GemPundit

posted on Sep 04,2019
American diamond ring in which finger

Amit Kumar vashishtha

posted on Sep 03,2019
Dear Madhurima,
Thanks for showing your interest in GemPundit. We at GemPundit are always at your service. To help you with your concerns, we would need some of your basic information. We suggest you to kindly write an e-mail to giving all the details about your problems or dial 011 4084 4599 for free astrological consultation.

We wish you a happy and healthy life ahead.

Warm Regards,

Team GemPundit

Team GemPundit

posted on Apr 06,2019
When will I get married

Madhurima Sengupta

posted on Apr 04,2019
Hi Pankaj, Greetings from GemPundit,
Thank you for showing your interest in GemPundit. As per your birthdate, you fall under Scorpio sun sign and you can choose to wear Topaz, Amethyst or Aquamarine as your zodiac/birthstone. However, to recommend you a gemstone for astrological need we would require your Birth time along with the Birth date and Birthplace. From your query, we can sense a need for astrological consultation, which you can avail at the given link: Here, an expert astrologer will be allotted to you who will guide you thoroughly on the basis of your birth chart.
We hope that we have given you a satisfactory answer to your query.
Wish you all the best for now and years ahead.

Warm Regards,
Team GemPundit

Team GemPundit

posted on Mar 22,2019
Dob-5.11.1988,Place-Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Which gem stone I wearing? Service-Govt

Pankaj Mishra

posted on Mar 21,2019
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