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How to Identify Basra Pearl

Published on Jun 20, 2020

A Pearl is a rigid and iridescent object usually found inside the shells of aquatic organisms such as oysters. They come in various shapes but the most popular ones are the round ones. Though perfectly round pearls are considered ideal, they are rarely found. More than 90,000 merchants sell Pearls, but most of them claim it to be Basra pearls. Now, what is this hype with Basra Pearls? Why are they so sought after? And how to distinguish Basra Pearls from other Pearl categories?

Pearls gemstone

Basra Pearls originated from the Arabian/Persian Gulf, specifically from the trade centre in the city of 'Al Basrah' or Basra in modern-day Iraq. They come in various shades, ranging from gold to pink to peach, with the golden overtone being the most sought-after. The status of these pearls is so distinguished that they are sold at humongous rates considering they are extremely rare because the natural sources of Basra Pearls are depleted and uncultured pearls are sold off as natural Basra Pearls.

Basra Pearls gemstone

However, there are certain ways to uncover your pearl's genuineness and find out if it is a Basra Pearl or a fake one.

1. Basra Pearls are lighter in weight.

2. Basra pearls have a solid chalk-like core.

No regular or uncultured pearl is chalky inside. If in case it is, it would be chalky outside as well, making it substandard.
Basra Pearls, on the other hand, have a chalky interior.

Authentic Basra Pearls usually appear with drilling, considering they are enduring pearls from vintage string-jewellery since modern-day findings have been limited. Discerning this drilling can assist in reviewing the chalky interior aforementioned.

Basra pearls

3. Basra Pearls should hold a certificate and letter from the Kingdom of Bahrain or the Government verifying that the pearl is certainly a Basra Pearl.

Basra pearls certificate

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