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How to Take Care of Amethyst Stone

Published on Oct 15, 2013

How to take care of Amethyst Stone

The eye catching gemstone is widely used in making beautiful jewelry around the world. The stone is quite hard and durable with a rating of 7 on Mohs Scale of hardness. Wearing the gemstone or the jewelry embedded with Amethyst on regular basis leads to accumulation of dirt and many other unwanted particles on them. In due course of time the shine and brightness of the crystal starts fading. Here are some tips and procedures which will help you keep your gemstone beautiful forever.

Amethyst Ring
Amethyst Stone Pendant

Where and how to keep the AMETHYST GEMSTONE safe?

The stone should not be exposed to sunlight or heat. This may result in the change or fading color of the gemstone. Also, different gemstones and jewelry should not be kept together. In order to avoid any kind of damage or scratch in the crystal, the gemstone or jewelry should be stored in a separate jewelry box after being wrapped in a soft cloth.

How to clean the stone?

  • We should prepare a mixture of Luke warm water and a mild cleansing soap in a tub.
  • Then the gemstone should be immersed in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • A soft brush should be used to wipe off the dust in the gemstone or jewelry
  • Now, dip a soft cloth in the cleansing mixture and remove the dirt on the stone with safe hands
  • To dry the gemstone keep it outside, preferably in moonlight After drying finally wipe the stone with a clean soft cloth and keep it safe in your jewelry box

What not to use while cleaning Jamunia Gemstone?

Harsh chemical solutions, household cleaners, bleaching agents should never be used as it can damage the beauty and luster of the stone.
Also, ultrasonic cleaners, hairsprays, should not be used for cleaning, this may result to adverse chemical reactions.

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