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How to buy and wear Turquoise Stone

Published on Nov 28, 2013

How to buy and wear Turquoise Stone

The stone for protection and purification, Turquoise, is one of the finest gems known for its resplendent looks and healing power. It confers the wearer with prosperity and strength. It is basically the birthstone for Sagittarius, those who are born in the month of December. Turquoise, well known as Feroza in India, is an opaque stone, which is mineral blue to green in color. It is also supposed to be the oldest secondary stone in the history of mankind.

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Purchasing a Turquoise involves many aspects related to its properties and it may create many doubts in the mind of buyers. Hence online buying from a reputed ecommerce site can be the best solution for buying this gemstone. The main benefits provided by these online sites are:

  • Organized list of gem stone
  • Complete details of Turquoise along with treatments, carats, color, and shape.
  • Origin of the gemstone
  • Available in wide range of carats
  • Prices details per carat
  • Assurance of purity
  • Available in varied prices making it affordable for all
  • Picture display to know the exact type of stone with its color and shape
  • Certified by laboratories
  • Trust certificate of shopping site
  • Easy payment options
  • Door step delivery of gem stone
  • Replacement facilities

Before buying Turquoise from any place, it is important to understand that it possesses very strong metaphysical properties . A great reliever from numerous diseases, it also stimulates mental stability of the wearer. It has the potential to absorb negative energy and act as a protective shield against accidents or violence. Since ancient times, this stone has always been used as an amulet or talisman to bring good luck and ward off the evils from our lives.

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  • To extract maximum impact of Turquoise in your life, it is better to wear it in copper or silver.
  • You may either wear it on the solar plexus or throat chakra depending upon the preferences
  • Turquoise with lesser inclusions and pure color is deemed to be the best stone for deriving its benefits.
  • It can be worn as a necklace, finger ring, earring, or bracelet to seek the power of different chakras.
  • While there may be several ways to wear Turquoise, it is rather significant to wear it only if you can respect its properties in the right way and take its proper care all through your life.

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