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Green Sapphire Prices - A Green Sapphire Price Guide to Buy Natural Sapphire Online

Published on Jun 24, 2020

Green Sapphire is arare and precious gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It is also known as the stone of tranquillity. In Indian astrology, Green Sapphire represents planet Mercury. Green sapphire bringscalmness, positivity, improves concentration and overall mental health. It helps in meditation, releasing tension and enhances one’s spiritual connection.

Green Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Moh's scale.The common sources of green sapphires are Australia and Thailand andthe prominent source of best quality green sapphire is Sri Lanka. In astrology, green sapphire is considered suitable for those who have great influence of Mercury in their horoscope. It is also used for healing purposes and is generally considered good for anyone who wears it.Green sapphire has the highest density of iron compared to other sapphires, making it the second densest gemstone known.

GreenSapphire Prices

Green Sapphire stone price in India varies from Rs 150 carat ($2approx.) and can go as far as Rs 80,000 per carat ($ 1000 approx.) plus. Generally, the value of green sapphire is determined by analysing its Origin, Colour, Clarity, Carat weight and Cut.For astrological purposes, a Green Sapphire with minimum inclusion is considered the best quality Green Sapphire gemstone.


Some major mines of green sapphire are situated in Sri-Lanka, Australia, Burma, Madagascarand Thailand. Out of these origins, Sri Lankan Green sapphire is regarded as the most sought-after variety due to its exceptional clarity, larger size and rarity and thus are the most expensive.


Green Sapphire varies in shade from pale to deep rich green. The green colour is sometimes the result of both yellow and blue bands which make the gem appear green to the eye.The green shadeis due to the presence of iron (FE) in the corundum.Sometimes heat treatment is used to improve the colour of sapphire and diffuse it more proportionately, making it look transparent and aesthetically appealing. The deeper the colour, the more costly it gets.

Langford Gems Picture courtesy: Langford Gems
Green Sapphire Picture courtesy: eBay


GreenSapphire is likely to have some internal imperfections. Its clarity is judged by the level of transparency, inclusions and surface blemishes. Lesser the number of inclusions, more valuable will be the green sapphire natural stone.

Carat weight

Natural Green sapphire crystals are rarely found in big sizes. Therefore,green sapphires sourced from Shri Lanka, which compared to other sources are larger in size, are more expensive. However, if the quality is not same, the top-qualitygreen sapphire even in small size can get a much higher amount than low-quality stone in bigger size.


A beautifully craftedgreen sapphire usually avails good money in the market ascraftmanship enhances the brightness of the stone and hides the visible inclusions efficiently. If quality remains same, the round or oval shaped green sapphires are cheaper than square or other custom shapes because the cutting process of oval and round shape gem involves minimum wastage.

The Natural Sapphire Picture courtsey: The Natural Sapphire Company

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