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Gift Of Gemstones For Wedding Anniversaries

Published on Jan 06, 2016

In some parts of the Far East Asia, people are strong believers in Astrology and would not embark on any venture without consulting an Astrologer. They would take a professional consultation before any life altering events like marriages, starting a new business, going on a tour or even for war. Often these consultations would include an analysis of the auspicious day and time, which is considered to be the perfect time to initiate any process. Matching the compatibility factor between the prospective bride and groom before marriage has also been a part of our Indian culture for a long time. Still being in practice, it includes extensive study of the birth charts, correlated with the time of birth and the place of birth of the natives.

Effects of Astrology Over Marriage

Marriage anniversaries are a symbol of a couple’s relationship that has sailed through life’s turbulent waters. The bond of a marriage can take various shapes, depending on whether life is imitating peace or is like a hurricane. Sometimes it can be a beautiful knot, however, unfortunately sometimes it can also be a fragile cord. A good life partner is always a God-given, who comes to fill the void in our lives as we fill theirs.

GemPundit Gemstones

Astrologically there are gems which can be worn or that can be given as a gift to the spouse on the occasion of anniversary for a better future. The science of Astrology asserts that gemstones have the power to attract cosmic energies. To rectify our negative tendencies and to promote a positive outlook one should go for these gemstones. Many marriage councilors have time and again asserted that by balancing the behavior, it is possible to have a married life which is full of love and content.

Gemstones as a gift can be ideal as they not only symbolize the affection but they can also be timeless pieces of love which can be cherished over a long period of time. Minerals and gemstones, as discussed above, offer various Astrological benefits and they can also be used as the healing crystals, which upon mere possession help in absorbing negativity from its surroundings. Timeless tales have been sung for some of the historic characters who have professed their love with the help of precious gemstones mounted into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Now, you may also impress your lady love with a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry from the collection of GemPundit, and make your love a timeless saga. Celebrate the joyous moments of your life and gift your beloved one a sparkling jewel on this anniversary. Choose the best quality gem as you achieve each milestone of your marital bliss, from the list as provided below.

List of Gemstone For Different Anniversaries Are

Anniversary Year Gifts
1 Gold
2 Garnet
3 Pearl
4 Amethyst
5 Turquoise
6 Candy
7 Floral
8 Tourmaline
9 Lapis Lazuli
10 Tin
11 Copper
12 Agate
13 Moonstone
14 Moss Agate
15 Rock Crystal
16 Topaz
17 Amethyst
18 Garnet
19 Zircon
20 China
23 Sapphire
25 Silver
30 Pearl
35 Coral
40 45
50 Gold
55 Emerald
60 Diamond

It is often being said that these gemstones when worn together by the couple, has the best effect upon their love and affection. In that way, it rejuvenates the romance and instills a feeling of responsibility toward each other. Make your love grow deep with GemPundit gemstones made into custom-made jewelry by our team of master craftsmen.

Personalised Gemstone Consultation

GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones on the basis of your birth-details.

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