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Lucky Gemstone for Taurus

Published on Dec 21, 2013

Gemstone for Taurus

Taurus : It is the zodiac sign for those people who are born between 21 April and 20 May of every year. The symbol of this zodiac sign is bull. The general characteristics of Taurus are endurance, loyalty, stability and patience.

Moon Sign : The moon sign holds a very important position when deciding which gemstone should be worn. If your moon sign is Taurus, then it is best to wear Diamond as it will benefit you much more than any other stone.

General Characteristics :

  • It improves the health conditions along with the overall personality of wearer.
  • It enhances the creativity in native.
  • Venus is a planet for practical thinking; Wearer will become more practical through wearing diamond.
  • Diamond boosts up the wisdom and contentment in Libra and Taurus. It makes the person even more loyal and protective.
  • It has great soothing influence on mind by controlling anger, pessimism, and emotional blots.
  • Diamond brings love and empathy in the heart of wearer.

Gemstones for Vrishabha Rashi - Diamond, Zircon, Cubic Zirconium

Benefits of Diamond :

There are several benefits of wearing a diamond. It is mainly used for betterment if you are facing problems in love, marriage or when you want to improve your beauty. It is also said to be helpful for good progress in business and for finance related problem. You can also wear a diamond for strengthening your relationships and getting the love of your life.

Why Wear Diamond :

If the effect of Venus is weak in your horoscope and if some planet has negative effects on Venus planet, then you should wear Diamond. When you get your birth chart analyzed and find that love house is unhealthy or if your marriage house is unhealthy then you can wear diamond to cure these problems.

Best metal for Diamond :

Diamond is one stone which can be worn in Platinum, Gold as well as Silver. The order of choice should be platinum, then silver and then gold or Panchdhatu.

Substitute of Diamond :

The substitutes of diamond are Zircon, Cubic zirconium, Fire Opal, White Opal and White Topaz.

Remedies for Taurus :

If you are looking for remedies from negative effects of Taurus, then you should wear diamond or its substitute on Friday.

Health Problem :

The health problems associated with Taurus are obesity and throat related problems. However, the Taurus natives are usually healthy and have great stamina.

Marriage :

Venus plays a very important role in marriage. It is responsible for both problematic as well as good married life. Venus is also responsible for negative and positive response of love marriage. So for all the problems related with relationships, it is very necessary to check Venus’s position and remedies for solving those problems.

Diamond can be worn as a pendant, ring or a bracelet. They are also part of jewelry so you can simply get them designed in the form of jewelry and wear them in your day to day life. It’ll give you a stylish look and will be beneficial to you astrologically. You can buy good quality diamond from online stores at very reasonable prices and get them delivered to your place.

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