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Lucky Stone for Cancer

Published on Dec 21, 2013


Usually, Cancerians are shy people with an intuitive nature. They are tough externally but deep down; they love to recoil into their shell. They are strong and protective who love their family. Once they are into a relationship, they always remain true and loyal to it. Mostly, they are reserved and possess a passionate heart. A cancer ascendant is extremely friendly and affectionate with a feminine character. Those born under this sign are somewhat conservative and quite religious by nature. They love haute cuisine and beautiful artistry. The innocent, peaceful, and emotional character of cancerians attract people towards them. They are passionate lovers and best of the pals.

Health Problems with Cancer :

People born under this zodiac sign are often exposed to health issues related to lungs, nausea, cold, and depression. They suffer from mental stress, anxiety, and tensions as well.

Gemstone for Cancer :

Ideally, being a Moon sign, Pearl is the most auspicious gemstone for cancer, though in some conditions, they are advised to wear Red Coral.

Effects of Red Coral on Cancer:

  • Career and life obstacles are side-lined to ensure smooth professional advancements.
  • It cure several serious ailments related to blood.
  • If Cancer born are having problem in getting a child, then a Red Coral helps.

Why Wear Pearl for Cancer?

  • For Cancer, Pearl is beneficial to wear if Moon in their horoscope is weak.
  • If an enemy planet is sited close to Moon.
  • If any malefic planet is having combination with Moon or it is adversely affecting Moon in horoscope.
  • When Mother’s house or 4th house in kundali are causing damages.
  • If the house of happiness is unhealthy due to which the person is under mental stress and depression.
  • It improves the health conditions along with the overall personality of wearer.
  • Pearl boosts up the wisdom and contentment in Cancer. It makes the person even more loyal and protective.
  • It has great soothing influence on mind by controlling anger, pessimism, and emotional blots.
  • Pearl brings love and empathy in the heart of wearer.

Substitutes for Pearl :

Moonstone: This is a primary substitute of Pearl known for its shimmer translucent appearance similar to Moon. It has absolute calming effects on the wearer. It is a stone to give protection to travelers and provide mental balance. It is, especially, a beneficial stone for women.
Sea Shells: Those looking for very affordable options as substitutes of Pearl can go for sea shells pearl as well. Some varieties of sea shells are considered quite auspicious for the wearers.

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