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Gemstone Cutting - Should Know

Published on Oct 01, 2016

The shine and brilliance in a gemstone does not come from sorcery, but it is an art of cutting the rough stones in a certain way that makes them an eye candy. If you are a gem enthusiast or just a casual reader, there are some basics of gem cutting that you should know not just to gain the knowledge, but to flaunt it as well.

Do you know the term used to describe the art of working on a stone?

Lapidary it is. The art of cutting a stone, adding value to its visible brilliance and making it more refined for a human eye is called Lapidary.

What kind of styles do we have in Lapidary?

1. Tumbling

Simplest of them all. Rough gems are put in a container which is a revolving barrel with abrasives. These abrasives give a very fine polish to the stones. The process resembles how a stone gets naturally polished in a stream. You will find tumbled stones being extensively used in healing procedures. Rose Quartz , Amethyst , Onyx , etc go through this process.


2. Cabbing

Cabbing is the name for the process of cutting stones in cabs or cabochon. The stone is given a flat base with a dome-like top. This style has no facets as we are used to imagining whenever one talks about cutting a stone. You might find moonstones , turquoise , cat’s eye , etc.


3. Faceting

Thinking of huge dazzling stones on a ring or train of sparkling stones in a necklace? Those are faceted stone which requires a mathematical bend of mind and skilled hands. The aim is to return the light entering the stone reflected by maximum angles in the stone. Faceting demands geometrical manoeuvring of flat surfaces. Diamond is one of the most celebrated faceted gemstones.


4. Carving

This technique not only requires skilled hands but also a creative mind. The key is to vision a design on the surface of gemstone and crave it. Mostly, carving is done on the cabochons which make the piece highly valuable in the market too. Carving can be done on onyx, agate , etc.


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