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Gemini And Gemstones

Published on Jan 16, 2016

Gemini Gemstones

Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac sign chart is often represented as a couple. In Sanskrit, it is called Mithuna or Dvanda and considered to be a symbol of duality. Lord of this sign is Mercury and polarity is the keynote of Gemini. Dvanda means to fight, and that is the reason why conflict and instability are important traits of Gemini. The characteristics of this sign are a windy constitution, duality in behavior and interest in the opposite gender.

मिथुनोदयसंज्जातो मानी स्वजनवत्सलः|
त्यागी भोगी धनी कामी दीर्घसूत्रोऽरिमर्दनः ||

A person born under Gemini has high self-regard, fondness for their people, love to enjoy their life, are sensuous and clever and they can overcome their enemies tactfully. Gemini is the first sign of zodiac chart whose symbol contains a human. It represents wisdom, kindliness and the sacrificial tendency of the native.

Sense of humor

Being Mercury’s sign, Gemini is the playful zodiac sign. They search for the moment where they can crack jokes. According to them, joy is the strongest remedy to combat obstructions and hurdles in life.

Great in exchanging thoughts

Gemini is the natural leader of the Third House of the Zodiac, universally referred to as the "House of Communication". They have strong grasping power with great communication skill. This trait makes them invincible in exchanging ideas and thoughts.

Born Planner

Planning assists in minimizing worries of future. Being an Airy sign, those born under the sign of Gemini have great potential to be a good strategy maker.

Married Life

Gemini born native can be a little tricky in relationships. They enjoy the company of the opposite sex but they hesitate to bind themselves in a long term relationship. They find great opportunities for learning and understanding, but there are strong possibilities of a difficult married life for them. They generally have good interactions with the spouse but sometimes misunderstandings may occur which may lead to drastic outcomes. Yellow topaz will help you in this matter. By wearing this gemstone, there are chances of gaining stability in you married life. Yellow topaz is a semi-precious stone for Jupiter. Jupiter owns the marriage house in the Vedic birth chart. By infusing Jupiter’s good effect, one can achieve unwavering and good married life.

Professional Life

Gemini people are good in professions related to communications, planning etc. They lack in executing the plans properly. Restlessness and overindulgence are the prominent reasons for the failure in execution. This problem can be overcome by wearing an astrological blue sapphire. Saturn in Gemini’s chart helps them to be good in implementing plans appropriately.

Kids and Domestic life

A person born under this sign often faces the problem in conceiving. White Sapphire can help them in dealing with this issue. White sapphire will improve fertility and boost up the romance between the couple.
They prefer quality over quantity and hence have few children. But it has been often noted that their children achieve great success in their life sphere. They have a well-educated family but with little intimacy between them. They are very possessive about the education of their children. Wearing Blue Sapphire and Emerald combination will help their children in education.

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Birth Stone Emerald / Peridot
Stone for progeny Diamond / White Sapphire
Stone for work sphere Yellow Topaz Blue Sapphire
Stone for overall luck Blue Sapphire
Stone for Assets Emerald
Stone for education White Sapphire / Diamond Emerald / Peridot
Prohibited stone Red Coral

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