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Fight Deadliest Diseases With Immunity Boosting Gemstones

Published on Mar 09, 2020

The current world we live in is nothing less than a pre-apocalyptic scenario. With people dying all across the world, economies falling, and crime rates booming, it doesn’t seem like this world is safe for the likes of us anymore. In such a scenario, we tend to be confused about a lot of things. Our survival and the lives of our close ones is what strikes our minds always.

Vedic astrology has always had the solution to the quandaries faced by mankind and the current world scenario is not an exception to it. For centuries, people have put faith in Vedic astrology to be their safe haven and rightfully so. There are certain powerful gemstones that can be your weapon and shield and assist you through predicaments such as these.

Amethyst , also known as Jamunia, is one such powerful gemstone. This marvelous violet-colored gemstone has long been known to be a powerful gemstone that has the godly benefits of relieving anxiety, insomnia, and depression. People tend to take a heavy toll on their mental health during such hellish conditions. Amethyst soothes your mind and in turn, helps in getting rid of depression, anxiety, etc.

This gemstone is popular for being a catalyst in curing diseases of the likes of Arthritis, Bone-cancer, and Paralysis. Amethyst acts as an accelerator of your body’s detoxification and more importantly the cellular regeneration. At times like these where hospitals are not able to afford any more patients and diseases are taking their rounds everywhere, Amethyst can be your savior gemstone.

Cat’s Eye , also known as Lahsuniya or Vaiduryam is arguably the need-of-the-hour gemstone. This guardian gemstone that comes in vivid colors such as grey, black, honey, and yellowish-green has been a long time affiliate of Vedic astrology. It is majorly worn as an astrological defense against the calamities caused by the ill-effects of the planet Ketu in one’s birth-chart. This magnificent gemstone has the ability to protect the wearer from crises such as road accidents, poverty, and other such diabolical conditions. During such a global crisis, wearing a Cat’s Eye gemstone will be the precaution you would be proud of.

Note: - Copper is believed to be handy with gemstones when worn for health purposes. It is also known to boost immunity and strengthen the respiratory system. We suggest that if you are getting a ring of either of these gemstones, get them made out of Copper.

Apart from this, if you wish to have a personalized gemstone that aids in your well-being and protection, we recommend that you get your Lifestone. A lifestone, also called a Health Stone, is a gemstone that acts as an aid to your health and protection. However, the lifestone for each individual is different as this gemstone is derived after studying each individual’s birth-chart. Find out what your Lifestone is to further strengthen your defenses against the bad events occurring around the world, by availing our Free Gemstone Recommendation service here(https://www.gempundit.com/gemstone-recommendation).

We at GemPundit hope that everyone stays healthy as mankind fights through these hurdles and we hope that you take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe!

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