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Divine Gemstones for A Blessed Navratri

Published on Mar 24, 2020

Divine Gemstones for A Blessed Navratri

As Navratri is around the corner, we commemorate the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, which acts as a symbolization of the different stages of a woman’s life.

We at GemPundit believe that gemstones are a crucial part of a woman’s life and represent and guide the different stages in a woman’s life.

The first avatar; an infant girl called Shailputri, requires support and guidance to grow up. The precious gemstone Emerald could be the best choice in such a scenario. This elegant gemstone supports growth and acts as a support system for the people in need of it.

Secondly, Brahmacharini, a prolific woman looking for a groom to marry. Lemon Quartz is universally known as the gemstone of marriage and is the best suitable match for someone at the stage of Brahmacharini.

Subsequently, we get to Chandraghanta, who represents a married woman. Yellow Sapphire is the ideal gemstone for married women and grants prosperity to their matrimony.

Chandraghanta then takes the manifestation of Kushmunda, a pregnant woman looking forward to bearing a healthy child. Aquamarine acts as a protection shield for pregnant women and helps in preventing miscarriages. Apart from this, Black Onyx also acts as a way to decrease labor pain.

Once Kushmunda bears her first child, she takes the form of Skanda Mata, a first-time mother, and the name translates to the mother of Skanda (little boy). Rose Quartz is the ideal stone for mothers, as it is known as the stone of love and can help you fight through the rough patches of first-time motherhood and focus on the main thing - love.

As the child grows up, they’re prone to getting into trouble. And it is at such an hour when the mother needs to take a stand to rescue her child. It is the time when Skanda Mata becomes the fierce Katyayani. Amethyst is the best stone for mothers in such a scenario as it is known to enhance your intuition and help ease anxiety in such predicaments.

Eventually, Katyayani reaches menopause, when she becomes infertile and takes the form of the fervent Kalaratri. The gemstone Citrine is the perfect companion for women going through menopause. Citrine can replenish the energy flow in your body, improves digestion, and diminishes the symptoms of menopause.

As time passes, the mother becomes a counsel and guide to her now-grown child. And that is the mantle Kalaratri takes when she becomes Mahagauri, the counselor and guide. Tiger’s Eye is a stone known for grounding the wearer and helping them get rid of confusion and regain focus so as to promote confidence in oneself and to guide others.

The final stage in a woman’s life is that of the all-knowing old lady who has lived life to an extent where she has access to all the knowledge and wisdom known to this world. And that is what the last avatar of Goddess Durga is. Siddhidhatri is an all-knowing woman who makes use of this power to generate good outcomes for herself and others. Carnelian has been long known as a gemstone of good luck. This gemstone bestows luck upon the wearer hence helping them achieve favorable outcomes for themselves.

With that being said, Team GemPundit wishes all our valued customers a very Happy Navratri!

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