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Citrine Stone Properties

Published on Nov 27, 2013

Gemstone Citrine
Other Names Madeira citrine, Citrina, Citron, Success Stone, Merchant's Stone
Ruling Heavenly Body Jupiter
Birthstone November
Element Air
Mohs’ Scale Hardness 7
Specific Gravity 2.59-2.63
Lustre Vitreous
Metal to Wear in Gold or Panchdhatu
Colors Lemon yellow, gold, orange- brown, yellowish- green
Transparency Translucent
Origin Brazil, Africa, USA

What is Citrine Stone?

Citrine Stone derived its name from French Word Citron, which means Lemon. This name is probably given to it due to its juicy lemony color. This gemstone represents sublime manifestation, optimism, and happiness. Often it is called Success stone and Merchant’s stone due to its mystical properties of giving joy and prosperity. Though it’s quite rarely found in its natural form, it is artificially manufactured by heating Smoky Quartz and Amethyst . It has its share of history which dates back to 300 AD when it was used by the Greeks as gem. It was also used to protect from snake’s venom and to ward off the evil thoughts. (Click To KnowCitrine Astrological Benefits)

Citrine - Luxury

What are the Properties of Citrine Stone ?

    • Citrine is a gemstone of solar plexus and third eye chakra that enhances the personal strength and stamina.
    • It is the yellow and translucent type of Quartz which has varied hues ranging from pale yellow to golden yellow and brown. It has rainbow inclusions that add to its sparkling beauty.
    • The golden yellow color of Citrine resembles Topaz gem which makes it the birthstone alternate for November born people.
    • As per ancient beliefs, this ‘Stone of mind’ has capability to increase the psychic power in humans.
    • Citrine is a gemstone of 13th Anniversary and belongs to Trigonal Crystal system.
    • It has remarkable healing properties. Citrine enhances the digestion and reduces infections of liver and kidney.
    • When put in water, it becomes the concoction having the ability to flush out the toxins from your body and is beneficial for the women to get rid of menstrual problems.
    • Citrine promotes positivity in environment, in mind, and in the behavior. It does not cast away the negative energies, rather dissipates them.

  • Natural Citrine work wonders for those who are extremely sensitive and susceptible to the evils of world. It acts like a talisman to make them feel safe and confident.
  • Citrine is an affordable gemstone with excellent properties. It belongs to the Quartz mineral family which makes it highly durable for making jewelry.
  • The color of Citrine is caused by Iron as it is grown in a solution that has iron which makes its color turn yellow on heating.
  • The dark orange shades of this gemstone are often called Madeira Citrine due to striking resemblance it bears to wine. It is also the most valuable form of Citrine.
  • Citrine is made of heated Amethyst to find its golden color, it should be refrained from direct sunlight and prolonged heat.
  • It is highly brittle in tenacity with habit of Hexagonal prisms with pyramids.
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