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Case Study: A Blue Sapphire Changed My Life!

Published on Dec 28, 2015

Blue Sapphire changed my life...

Mr.Sudipto Banerjee from Silchar came to us for astrological consultation through email. He emailed to us:

Dear Sir,

I am Sudipto Banerjee age 37.5 yrs. I am facing multiple ailments since last 5-6 years. As of now the doctors don’t have a permanent cure for my health situation. Please advice remedies for attaining good health.My DOB details are as follows:-

Name :- Sudipto Banerjee >

Sex :- Male

DOB :- 23 Sep 1976

Time of Birth :- 03:30PM

Place :- Silchar, Assam

I am based in NCR and my home town is Silchar.

I am very obese and am suffering from high blood pressure and urinary infection. I was even hospitalized in renowned hospital in Delhi for period of 20 days (7 days in ICU).

Please suggest me if I can do some remedies for the good health.

with best regards,

Sudipto Banerjee

He emailed us on 22 July 2014

Now let's take a look on his chart:

Astrological Chart


Horoscope Chart Sample


Sudipto’s birth chart indicates that he was born on Amavasya and at the time of Naga Karana, which represents weaker physical status. His Ascendant is Aquarius and its lord Saturn is placed in the sixth house which generally represents good physical ability but coupled with struggle and competition in life. But Sudipto’s case was different, as his Lagna lord is in Ashlesha constellation which represents poison. Whenever health of a native is considered, it should be judged through all three lagnas of Sudarshan (Ascendant- Sun-Moon). In this case, all three lagnesh are in negative houses. and all three dasha lords are situated in Ashtam Sthana. It represents continued hardships in the life.


We recommended him a combination of two gemstones, Blue Sapphire and Diamond, with some Vedic remedies. He purchased Blue Sapphire from us and wore it as a pendant.


After 6-7 months, he called us to share his experience. According to him “I am quite pleased to inform you that I feel much better now, after wearing the stone my temperament and Blood pressure remain in control, and the  issue related to urinary tract was sorted out gradually.”


So, from the  above example, we can see that Aquarius ascendant with Virgo Moon as well sun sign can wear aBlue Sapphire for good health and status.

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