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Capricorn And Gemstones

Published on Feb 15, 2016

The tenth sign of the zodiac chart, Capricorn represents the movable earthy sign. Its first half is depicted by a goat and the later part as a crocodile. Generally, they are considered to be practical, hard working, less emotional and materialistic. They are often being considered as a befitting candidate for public work or at the position of some prominence. Among the rest of the zodiac signs, those born under Capricorn sign have been known to be optimistic. Their interpersonal skills, however, may not be as good as others as they tend to remain reserved as they do not prefer sharing personal problems with others. They remain cooped up as they do let, even the closest of their friends or their loved ones become a part of their sufferings.

Being good natured, they are quick in accepting their mistakes and, often wholeheartedly welcome good advice from others. Blessed with a sharp memory with a keen interest in versatile subjects, they strive to add skills to their portfolio, which can help them make more money. In their natural habitat, crocodiles are deceptive hunters. Often, it has been noticed that the Capricorn natives attempt to exhibit qualities that they lack and, therefore, are in a constant worry of getting exposed.

According to the Hindu classical Texts,

कलितशतभयः किल गीतवित्तमरुषा सहितो मदन आतुरः|
निजकुल कुलउत्तम वृत्तिकरः परं हिमकरे मकरे पुरुषो भवेत्||

Rational Thinker:

The rational approach to decisions is based on previous results that reduce the chances of errors. Such an information and knowledge-based approach promote consistent and high-quality decision making. Capricorn born natives possess all the necessary qualities to deliver informed decisions which are backed by well-thought assumptions.

Hard Working Attitude:

As they are represented by a crocodile, which is known for its agility in hunting, both on the ground as well as under water. Capricorn born natives thoroughly believe that laziness leads to nothing but wasted time and resources. Rational thinking coupled with hard work make them unparalleled to any other zodiac sign.

Insensitive Behaviour:

They are known to lack sensitivity towards others, and that is why they might appear to be harsh, and even sometimes ruthless. Being a hard worker, they anticipate the same from others. They find it hard to forgive if someone fails to perform up to the mark. To lead an organization, sometimes it may become a need of the hour to be ruthless.

Married Life:

You can’t expect that a Capricorn guy would bring roses and chocolates for you! In case of their personal relationships, they may not be as vocal and expressive as their counterparts, but this does not mean that they lack such feelings. Being the Saturn’s sign, a Capricorn man finds it extremely difficult to express his true feelings immediately. Being unable to showcase extreme emotions, sometimes creates a gap between the couple. In those cases, an astrological diamond/white sapphire will help you to boost up your married life.

Professional Sphere:

From the very beginning, they are very clear about their goals, over the period of time they work slowly and steadily towards its achievement. Act as you think best, and don't allow anyone to run your affairs, and by attending strictly to their own business while avoiding interfering into the dealings of others, they stand a very high chance of becoming very successful. To enhance their chances of success, they should go for Emerald –White sapphire combination. This combination will bring luck into their professional spheres.

Progeny And Kids:

Capricorn parents are fair and receptive, but they have a very strict moral standards for their kids to realize and follow. They never compromise with the quality things needed for children, and also, they have high expectation from them. However, this has a downside as well, as their tendency to have strict standards create a void between them. There is a need to understand that different individual has different potential. In gemstone therapy, wearing Emerald and Blue sapphire together will improve the harmony between generations.

Birth Stone Blue Sapphire
Stone for Edu/Children Emerald + Blue Sapphire
Stone for Luck White Sapphire
Stone for professional growth

White SapphireEmerald

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