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Cancer And Gemstones

Published on Jan 19, 2016

Cancer Horoscope Gemstone

Usually, Cancerians are shy people with an intuitive nature. They are tough externally but deep down; they love to recoil into their shell. They are strong and protective, who love their family. Once they are into a relationship, they always remain true and loyal to it. Mostly, they are reserved and possess a passionate heart. Often it has been seen that the cancer ascendants are extremely friendly and affectionate with a dominant feminine aspect in their overall character. Besides this, they can also be somewhat conservative at few times and are quite religious by their nature.

According to the classical texts:

श्रुतकलामलनिर्मलवृत्तयः सुकृशगंधजलाशयकेलयः|
किल नरास्तु कुलीरगते विधौ वसुमतः सुमतोऽर्थिलब्धयः||

A Cancer born native is most likely to possess a clean behavior, an interest in arts and knowledge and a love for water sports. They have been generally noted to possess a particular fondness for fragrances. They are quite health conscious and would have a lean build up. They look for sensuous pleasures and always strive to earn more money or wealth.
Crab, which is the symbol for this zodiac sign, retreats to its shell when he is annoyed or hurt and comes out only when he feels capable of dealing with the world again. This trait of the crabs can be easily seen in the Cancer born people.

Positive Side

Water is an important element which supports every life form on Earth. It's colorless and formless attribute can be easily correlated with the basic persona of a Cancerian. They have an uncorrupt character and extremely loving and caring, which makes them wonderful partners. They are very delicate and sophisticated, however, with a tremendous attraction for material prosperity, conveniences of life and possessions and ambitions. These starvations make them very successful in their work sphere.

Negative Side

They suffer from mood swings. They may be happy one moment, sharing witty jokes and humor with others, and in the very next moment, they would turn into a sad and miserable guy who would want constant comfort and reassurance. Cancer is a movable sign with water as its tattva. Both these traits make them unstable. Excess of everything is bad and their excessive desires and needs make them highly unsatisfied with their life. As Cancerians are highly emotional they get hurt at the drop of the hat. It implies a life full of misery, sorrow, afflicted health and the resultant depression.

Married Life

Cancer born is extremely faithful, compassionate, and dependable but they still have a troubled married life. They are seldom found cheating their partners as are way too serious in their relationships. Cancer ascendants are unhappy life partners, they themselves experience discontentment and thereby convey their unhappiness to their partners. Wearing Yellow sapphire will help Cancerians stabilize their relationship in a perfect manner. Pukhraj(पुखराज) is the stone for steadiness. It provides long term soothing effects on the married life of Cancerians.

Professional Life

They are capable of handling responsible and important positions. Their energy is directed towards fulfilling their desires. They are generally hard working and due to the influence of their tenth house, they may have to travel distances. They need an extra source of energy. Red Coral (मूंगा) is highly recommended and beneficial for the Cancerians. Red coral represents Mars which is considered to be the significator of energy. Red Coral boosts up the level of energy and aggression which is required by the person born under this sign.


There will be no issue regarding getting progeny (child), but the problem will arise in the bringing up of the children. Cancerians are always over-possessive parents. By being overly protective, they do not let their children grow into an independent adult. Children gain knowledge from their mistakes, and by being overprotective, they restrain this learning process. The combination of Red Coral and Yellow sapphire will help them in this regard. Red Coral signifies children for Cancer and Yellow sapphire represents knowledge.

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Birth Stone Pearl / Moon Stone
Luck Stone Yellow Sapphire
Education/Kids Stone Red Coral
Stone for profession Red Coral + Opal with Fire
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Stone for legal cases Yellow Sapphire + Pearl

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