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Birthstone of May- Emerald

Published on Feb 08, 2014


The eternal beauty and luster of Emeralds has always admired the humans. It has a special place in our history as a preferred gemstone resembling royalty and grace. It was loved by the Egyptians some 4000 years ago and was heavily mined by them. It is the green colored member of Beryl mineral family and got its name derived from Greek term Smaragdus referring to its brilliant green shade. The hues of green are influenced by chromium in Emerald. It is an undeniably a precious gemstone found in the core of earth suited distinctively to May born natives. Called as Panna in India, this stunning gemstone relates closely with zodiac signs of Gemini & Virgo.

Emerald Stone

Properties of An Emerald Gemstone:

An Emerald appears when the clear Beryl gets infused with some inclusions of chromium or vanadium. The presence of these inclusions affects its durability despite the hardness of 7.5 to 8.0 on Moh’s scale. It is a delicate gemstone which opens Heart Chakra in body. Emeralds are related to Planet Mercury and thus they evoke wisdom and communication skill in life of possessor. Its deep green color symbolizes nascent beginning and renewal of life. It seemingly extracted this striking hue from nature. Since it naturally contains inclusions, sometimes even these natural emeralds are heat treated to remove these inclusions for better clarity of this gemstone.

Origins of Emerald:

Emerald is an ancient gemstone which was mined as early as 330 BC by Egyptians. However, that variety of Emerald was paler in color and hence is considered rather inexpensive now. The best variety of Emeralds is extracted from the mines of Columbia. They are amazingly beautiful and precious. Other sources of Emeralds are countries like India, Zambia, Russia, South Africa, and North Carolina in USA.

How Emerald Benefits Those Born In May?

  • As a birthstone, Emerald invokes the qualities of loyalty, psychic powers, and sharp memory in those born in May.
  • Since it is related to Mercury, it induces harmony in personal relationship by invoking deeper love and affection.
  • It enhances the intellectual perception of wearer with improved mental strength.
  • This gemstone extracts its color of nature and hence, it also symbolizes prosperity in the life of its possessor.
  • It brings along its exceptional healing properties to May born natives. It restores peace in their mind and maintains the health of their heart by stimulating Heart Chakra.
  • It soothes the eyes and prevents fever. Also Emerald helps to cure ailments like arthritis, hypertension, amnesia, and other diseases related to liver, kidneys, or lungs.
  • It induces better communication by removing the barriers of speech. By calming the mind, it helps to meditate more effectively. It decreases panic from mind and enhances mental balance.


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