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Aries And Gemstones

Published on Jan 11, 2016

Gemstone for Aries Horoscope

According to the medical science, every individual is different. No two person can have the same physical as well as mental state. Likewise, no one in this world is perfect, that is why we can say that each and everyone in this world has a grey shade to their character. As per Vedic Astrology, the entire population can be divided into various categories based upon their Ascendant, Moon Sign, Constellation, etc. Out of these, Ascendant and Moon's sign are quite prominent. Here we are discussing virtue and vices of Aries. Now we will discuss positive and negative traits of an individual along with an elaboration on how gemstone therapy can help you in enhancing your positive individuality.

मेषलग्ने समुत्पन्नचंडो मानी धनी शुभः|
क्रोधी स्वजनहन्ता च विक्रमी परवत्सलः ||

According to the above text, a person born under Aries ascendant can be quite aggressive, however very respectable and financially well off. He might have the tendency of acting against the will of his near and dear ones which highlights his courageous nature. Overall he shows the traits of being helpful to others.

Charachteristics Of Those Born Under Aries:

The sign of Aries is a Ram and in early civilizations, it was assigned a divine status. According to the Egyptians culture, it symbolizes the power of procreation and richness. Aries is a sign for straightforwardness. Aries borns are always full of eternal fire which symbolizes the productive fire. Out of five tatwas, fire is the only tatwa which cannot be contaminated. Arians are generally honest with an uncomplicated and candid personality. They are pure at heart and the inner uncontaminated nature of theirs often shines forth despite the adverse material environment. Seldom they may have wrong objectives but are quite determined to follow it.
Aries sign born believe in the sprint as it is a sign owning by mars. Because of that, they always believe in quick action. They are dynamic. They don’t want to waste time in surveys, strategy making, planning etc. They are directly involved in the action. This property makes them a trendsetter.
Dharmendra is the perfect example for Arian, with his moon sign as Aries. He was the first star who took off his shirt onscreen and nowadays it is quite a routine for a Bollywood hero.
Always keen to change, Aries people do not believe in gradual changes. That is why they undertake drastic actions which produce dramatic results. They love to explore new things. Such instinct makes them good traveller or any profession related to journey and changes will suit them. Wearing a Red Coral will boost the aforesaid traits in the wearer.

Adversities In The Life Of An Aries:

Strong Possibility of Failure- Chances of acting upon a quick decision and getting unfavourable outcomes are quite high among the natives of the Aries moon sign. In many cases, such decisions can be full of uncertainties, assumptions, distortions and errors. This type of thinking can increase the risk of failures. So, for creating a balance between your natural tendency and today’s need, Aries should wear a Yellow Sapphire (Stone for Guru). By enhancing the Jupiterian quality, one will be accomplished by logic.

Egoistic Tendency-
Being highly energetic and advanced, they often suffer from a superiority complex. They fail to accept negative remarks which often leads to them being misunderstood. In many cases, they have been seen having a difficult married life. To improve the personal relationships, Aries can wear a Zircon or White Sapphire gemstone. By wearing these stones, the chances of the well-wishers to influence him will be increased.

Aries is the sign of the planet Mars having the agni tatva. The Strong position of Mars in Aries can make them wrathful. Anger creates a situation in which a person loses to foresee the long-term goals and interests, and acts only in ways that can satisfy in a short term. For removing this evil, Yellow Sapphire will be a boon for you.

Birth Stone Red Coral
Luck Stone Yellow Sapphire
Stone for Education Ruby

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