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Aquamarine Price Guide

Published on May 24, 2020

Aquamarine is one of the finest semi-precious gemstones. They are among the favorites of gemstone collectors and are easy to mine, making them a popular choice. It gets its extravagant hue from the tint of iron in its chemical composition. Its hardness makes it durable and resistant from scratches, making it ideal for jewelry purposes.

  • Aquamarine Gemstone

If we talk about the commercial market, Aquamarine gemstone are as famous as treated Blue Topaz. Best quality aquamarine is even more expensive than equivalent-quality treated blue topaz. There are some price grading factors that affect the value of an Aquamarine gemstone. Go through this blog to find out.

  • Color

    - Aquamarine gemstone color ranges from blue to greenish-blue. Dark blue Aquamarine with strong intensity is considered as the most valuable ones. In general, the more intense the blue color, the higher does the gemstone cost. Most aquamarine gemstones come with a light greenish-blue hue.
    Mostly, only Aquamarine gemstones over 5 carats are able to reflect intense, dark color. Small gemstones are hardly saturated enough to be attractive but stones from some mines like those in Africa—Nigeria, Madagascar, and Mozambique are known for intense color in sizes even under 5 carats. For this reason, smaller gemstones with intense color might sell for more per carat than larger stones of the same color.
  • Clarity

    - Most faceted Aquamarines are eye-clean. Some crystals might contain liquid inclusions, but clarity characteristics are few or absent in most finished gems. Stones with eye-visible inclusions are usually fashioned into cabochons, beads, or carvings.
  • Cut

    - Aquamarines can be crafted into diverse shapes, but cutters often shape them as emeralds or as round or oval. The hardness and transparency of Aquamarine make it popular with designers, artists, and carvers.
    Aquamarine gemstones are pleochroic, making them reflect different shades in different crystal directions. They are a near-colorless and vivid blue.
  • Carat Weight

    - Aquamarine crystals come in varied sizes. While large gemstones are easily available, it’s difficult to use them in jewelry. As a result, per-carat prices usually decrease for sizes above 25 carats.
    The largest Brazilian aquamarine on record was found in 1910, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It weighed 244 lbs. (110 kg) and measured 19 in. (48 cm) long and 15 in. (38 cm) in diameter.
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