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Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Published on May 24, 2020

Aquamarine, whose name translates to ‘water from the seas’, is an extraordinary light-blue gemstone that belongs to the Beryl mineral family. This marvelous gemstone only needs one look for you to be lost in the depths of a deep sea.

Aquamarine has been a part of our culture for a very long time. Centuries ago, the Romans believed that Aquamarine held the powers of the seas and thus had the strength to protect them during their ship sails. Therefore, the Roman wives used to gift their husbands Aquamarine rings as a mark of their relationship when their husbands set out on a ship.

We at GemPundit believe what those wives of Roman sailors believed; that Aquamarine is one of the best symbols of love and protection in the world. Just like Aquamarine kept those sailors safe and sound on the ship, it is capable of inculcating love and protection in your relationship!

Aquamarine engagement rings have been around for long enough for us to confidently say that they are never a wrong choice. This mesmerizing gemstone of the seas is qualified to keep your love deep and flowing just like the oceans!

At GemPundit, you can find a plethora of extravagant designs ranging from simple ones to luxurious designs. In addition to this, we provide fine quality metal embodiments consisting of precious metals and alloys like gold (yellow & white; 22K, 18K, 14K), silver, platinum, brass, and copper. Browse through our collection of magnificent designs and choose the one that suits your style!

Moreover, we provide customization services for elegant Aquamarine engagement rings. Our team of CAD experts is trained and experienced to bring your dream design to life in the most perfect fashion. Have a design in mind? We’ll be glad to take over!

Apart from its marvelous luster and vivid color, Aquamarine is also home to several astrological, metaphysical, and healing benefits. As per Vedic astrology, Aquamarine is known to strengthen love and understanding in relationships. Furthermore, it is known to bring stability in marital life as well. If you consult an astrologer, they would tell you that Aquamarine is considered the gemstone of love and concord. Therefore, an Aquamarine engagement ring could be one of the best decisions you can take!

Go through our designs or customize your own! Visit our catalog of Aquamarine engagement rings and seal the deal with your significant other!

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