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7 Interesting Aspects that make Aquamarine a Majestic Gemstone

Published on Apr 01, 2017

Beryl family is most notable for Emerald which sometimes steal all the limelight off the other majestic gemstones. But one member of the family – Aquamarine, is worthy of everyone’s attention and for all the right reasons. Interesting history carved around myths and fables, lustrous tranquility of calming blue and manageable affordability, makes Aquamarine a valuable collectible. It is thus not surprising that Aquamarine is one of the most popular colored gemstones. Regarded as the symbol of sympathy, faith and friendship, Aquamarine gemstone is also recognized globally for its astrological benefits and healing powers.

Interesting Aspects about March Birthstone - Aquamarine Interesting Aspects about March Birthstone - Aquamarine

It is true that gemstones are priced according to their rare physical properties but they are loved for their past affiliations and symbolical essence. On this account, Aquamarine does not disappoint at all. In fact, its historical affiliation further enhances its value. We have brought up seven interesting aspects of Aquamarine that will make you either buy Aquamarine gemstone or make you proud of having one.

1. The Roman connection between Aquamarine and God of Sea

Did you know that this sacred astrological gemstone is related to Neptune – the ‘Roman God of Sea’? The word ‘Aquamarine’ is derived from the Latin phrase ‘aqua marinus’ that means water of the sea. Romans believed that all energy of the sea is contained in the tranquilizing color of this holy gemstone. Whenever the sea went outrageous, Roman sailors used to toss the Aquamarine stone or Aquamarine jewellery into sea water to pacify the angry Gods of Sea. Sailors thus relied spiritually on Aquamarine during the commercial sea journeys. Till date, it maintains its reputation as the gemstone of spiritual happiness.

Roman God of Sea Roman God of Sea

2. Aquamarine equates Admiration

Aquamarine is known to be a part of the legendary Mermaid’s Blue Treasure implying that Aquamarine was seen as a safety amulet by the sailors. This is the reason sailors still prefer to wear Aquamarine rings and bracelets before initiating their voyage, believing it will keep them safe during sea journeys, ward off seasickness and protect them from evil.

3. ‘Dom- Pedro’ – What it took to become the world’s biggest Aquamarine

Imagine a meter long of nearly flawless Aquamarine, three Brazilian miners, two German gem connoisseurs, a consortium bank, all employed to resource the worlds biggest Aquamarine from Brazil to its destiny. Bernd Musteiner, a gem enthusiast who would eventually shape it, went awe-stuck by the beauty of Aquamarine and undertook perhaps, the most ambitious project of his life. He studied the mesmerizing Aquamarine for four months and worked on it for another six months to make it the Dom Pedro. It is registered as one of the most daring and exciting ventures in the world of gemstones and draws applaud from across the world as a standing obelisk weighing 244 pounds, in Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

Dom-Pedro Dom- Pedro

4. A 14th Century timeless poem and Aquamarine

You would be surprised to know that a classical, allegorical narrative of Christian Era, “The Vision Concerning Piers and the Plowman,” mentions Aquamarine as the antidote to poison. Not only the reference brings our attention to the timelessness of Aquamarine but towards its keepsake as a privilege by the royalty as poisoning was quite common during the nobility period in Europe. Interesting!

5. What’s between Anxiety and Serenity? An Aquamarine!

Not just Aquamarine helps in dispelling seasickness but also relaxes the senses and calms the nerves. It is believed to endow courage, foresight and happiness within the wearer. And at much reasonable price. Aquamarine is far cheaper from rest of the precious colored gemstones.

An Aquamarine An Aquamarine

6. Aquamarine, in honor of divine Goddesses

Universally acknowledged for tranquility, Aquamarine has long honored the Goddesses in many cultures including, China, Vietnam, Mayan and more. Dedicated to the feminine divine, Aquamarine crystals have been carved out to honor Goddesses like Kupala – the Water Goddess, Kuan-Yin – Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Fuji – ancient Japanese Goddess of Fire and Akna – Mayan Goddess of Motherhood. Aquamarine symbolize various facets of womanhood and nature as one.

7. Diverse Civilizations and one unique stone.

Much before the Greek and Roman era, Aquamarine was already in demand by Egyptians and Sumerians. Archaeologists have found Aquamarine in Egyptian tombs and burial pits. One can infer from the use of Aquamarine in Greek Art that the stone is rightly popular for its historical affiliation by commoners and royalty alike.

It is interesting to know Aquamarine gemstone has touched art, literature, novelty and adventures throughout centuries. We are sure after reading this post, you would admire your Aquamarine or may even buy one.

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