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Amazing Stories of Amazing Gemstones

Published on Oct 13, 2016

Yes, gemstones are made only under favourable conditions of temperature, pressure and composition of minerals. That's what once made a skeleton of a two-metre-long pliosaur which swam in the seas over 100 million years ago, an opal. The opalised skeleton has been named "Nessie".


2. From a fossil turning into a gemstone to living organisms getting trapped in them, gemstones have interesting stories to tell. Amber is an organic gem which means that it comes from living or once-living things. Amber has been favourite among gem collectors because it can give a glimpse into the old lost worlds as it has fossils of animals inside which have once existed.


3. So, we all know that gemstones naturally occur with inclusions. Some are visible with naked eyes and some are not. These inclusions could be another mineral, water, or any gas too. But, alexandrite might have fluorite as an inclusion which is a gemstone in itself. That's gemstone within a gemstone!

4. Do you sometimes look at the unbelievable beauty of the gemstones and think that they are out of this world. Well, quite literally, we have some gemstones which don't belong to the earth. Some peridots came to earth in meteorites. They are rare and extraterrestrial.


5. Coming back to the earth, let's travel back in prehistoric time. Stone Age workers used jade as weapons, tools, and ceremonial objects. This gemstone is harder than steel, so you can understand why it will be used to make deadly weapons.


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