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Alexandrite Price Guide

Published on May 24, 2020

Alexandrite is a rare and immensely valuable gemstone variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl that exhibits an explicit change-of-color that goes from blue-green under daylight to red/purplish-red or brownish-red under the artificial yellow light.

Considered to be named after Alexander II, the Russian King, Alexandrite is counted amongst the world’s most extremely esteemed gemstones.

We advise that you receive ample amount of information before-hand whilst buying Alexandrite so as to better examine its quality and cost. The price of Alexandrite, like most other gemstones, is defined by but not limited to the 4 Cs of quality analysis, i.e, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. The origin of Alexandrite also influences its price as some sources produce laudable quality gemstones that are priced respectively.

Examining through each of these determinants can better help you make sense of the quality of Alexandrite and assess the pricing individually.

Origin of Alexandrite

Alexandrite deposits in Russia and India provide the most exceptional quality gemstones. The price of Russian Alexandrite continues to be the highest thanks to its quality, rarity and traditional importance due to the fact that it was first found in Russia. The price of Indian and Brazilian Alexandrite, however, is relatively less regardless of being the second most sought-after variety. Excellent specimens also originate from the deposits in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Color of Alexandrite

The color of Alexandrite is arguably the most essential factor in assessing its quality and in turn its price. The intensity and quality of the color-change effect that it possesses directly affects its prices. Generally, the brighter and richer is the color-shift, the better is the quality. Faint or extremely dark gemstones are usually less alluring. Alexandrite gemstones in bright green and red exhibiting true color change and color consistency are very rare and are regarded as most precious.

Clarity of Alexandrite

Clarity has a critical role in the quality and pricing of Alexandrite. Alexandrite is a Type II clarity gemstone and thus is expected to have some forms of visible flaws and inclusions. Normally, the inclusions in Alexandrite occurs in the form of fluorite & apatite crystals, fingerprints, hollow tubes, mica platelets, rutile, and multi-phase inclusions. If these inclusions are present and clearly visible to the eye, it can drastically affect the quality and in turn the pricing of Alexandrite. Faceted Alexandrite gemstones with commendable transparency and minimum eye-visible flaws are rare to find and therefore the cost for such fine quality pieces increase. High-quality Alexandrite is usually eye-clean or has faded inclusions.

Cut of Alexandrite

Due to its rarity in nature, Alexandrite is usually faceted to produce the most excellent color change effect without inducing much carat weight loss. Shapes and cuts that can preserve more carat weight without disordering the attraction are favored for precious gemstones like Alexandrite. Alexandrite cabochons that are round and oval polished gems are ordinarily opaque and reasonably included but these flaws can be neglected while assessing if the color change is notable.

Carat Weight of Alexandrite

Size is an integral part of deciding the price of Alexandrite gemstones. An excellent quality gemstone is remarkably rare even over a carat. Consequently, Alexandrite’s cost per carat escalates considerably for gems above one carat.

To confirm quality and charge, it is most beneficial to demand a certification from the gemstone traders for the origin, color, and clarity of Alexandrite.

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