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Check For Original Yellow Sapphire

Possession of a precious gemstone is sometimes a wish, many times an obsession and the other times a need. As the popularity or demand of something increases in the market, the chances of getting a copy or imitation of it increases. Be it medicines, jewellery or gemstones. Yellow Sapphire is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones, possession of which is a matter of pride for an owner. What a shame it will be to get tricked by a vile vendor. We need to be smart customers, and therefore, I am going to give you simple pointers to check if the Yellow Sapphire gemstone you are buying is genuine or an imitation.

1. The Sunlight Test

A gemstone like Yellow Sapphire commands high value by the virtue of its vitreous yellow shine. An imitation can never recreate that lustre. In order to test the credibility of the stone, put the stone in the sunlight, place a white handkerchief on the top of it and wait for the magic to happen. A sharp yellow tint at the spot where the stone reflects the light will appear, whereas in the case of an imitation, you will observe a very dim or light shade of yellow.

2. The Bubble Test

Like a criminal always leaves a proof of its presence at the crime scene, imitations can also make it pretty obvious for naked eyes to catch the bluff. All we need to be is a little aware and educated about these tricks. Since imitation Yellow Sapphire is usually made up of glass, it is high likely to find air bubbles inside the stone. A natural Yellow Sapphire stone will not have bubbles in it.

3. The Facet Test

Yellow Sapphire is hardest after diamond which makes it almost impossible to give the stone sharp edges. Needless to say that the job of cutting and shaping is tedious. A fake stone will have fairly sharp edges as the glass is not a hard material which measures around 5-5.6 on Moh's scale. Therefore, look for the sharp edges carefully.

The Scratch Test

There is something quite peculiar about the glass; it gets scratches easily. Again, pertaining to its mild hardness, it is easy for a foreign body to make a number of scratches on the glass surface. So when you have the stone in your hand, do take a notice of its surface for the scratches. If you find plenty of them, then you need to have second thoughts.

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